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1 11th March 09:41
vince morgan
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Default Amazing eBay auction!

Hmmm, one might wonder what exactly would motivate another to rub a potatoe
gently for several minutes before bedtime in the first place?
Perhaps the nagging infection was relieved by the very fact that your
rubbing the potatoe gave some relief to whatever object you were rubbing
prior to the discovery of this incredible vegetable?
The fact that it is apparently responsible for your winning the lotto
several times is, I must admit, truly astonishing! I have tried various
methods, short of actualy buying a ticket, of winning the lotto with much
less success.
Personaly I have rubbed various objects gently, and sometimes not so gently,
for several minutes prior to bedtime without attaining these incredible
results. However, being a person with apparently far less imagination than
yourself, it never occured to me to focus my attention on vegetables,
apparently to my very great loss.
However, noticing that this incredible herbaceous root is, at the moment or
writing, available for as little as $0.99 leads me to doubt the authenticity
of these claims.
Only 99 cents? What's the rub?
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2 11th March 09:41
frank arthur
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Default Amazing eBay auction!

The rub is a minimum of $15 shipping for the seller.
Currently there are 2 bids. High bidder pays $1.25 plus at least $15
for a "magic potato"!
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