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1 10th June 20:07
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Default #35395 : Unable to load SQLite module

ID: 35395
Updated by:
Reported By: vondrej at gmail dot com
-Status: Open
+Status: Bogus
Bug Type: SQLite related
Operating System: Windows XP SP 2
PHP Version: 5.1.0
New Comment:

You need to load also the PDO module. There's already a do***entation
bug report open about this issue.

Previous Comments:

[2005-11-25 15:15:16] vondrej at gmail dot com

Hello, I've downloaded new version of PHP when I try to load SQLite
library php_sqlite.dll I recieve error message: "PHP Startup: Unable to
load dynamic library '.\ext\php_sqlite.dll' - Selected modul was not
But the configuration is ok:
1, %PATH% is set to C:\PHP where is located PHP 5.1 (previously 5.0.5).

2, in directory ext is located file php_sqlite.dll
3, in php.ini is enabled line with extension=php_sqlite.dll
4, in php.ini is set extension_dir = ".\ext"
I've tried different version of sqlite modul (ver. 6.0) but without
succes. I also load another modules located in same directory
(php_mssql.dll, php_mysql.dll) without any problem.
Here is a screenshot of situation:
(I'm using Apache 2.0.54)


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