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1 31st March 12:24
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Default 2 More US Soldiers Killed. Thank You President Bush!

Interesting quote. Sounds reasonable on the surface. But let's
compare: to prevent 9/11, our president (through his CIA and FBI)
could have investigated the Saudis learning to fly planes without
learning how to take off or land. He could have had them watched and,
eventually, arrested. Probably without loss of life or abridgement of

To make up for this error of omission, he invades an entirely unrelated
country at the cost of thousands of innocent civilian lives as well as
the lives of many dozens of our own countrymen, while most likely lying
to the American people in order to make a case for his decision.

But to be critical of these actions is somehow inconsistent, you
suggest. I'd suggest something else: the "doubtful intelligence" you
mention doesn't refer to the information streaming from unreliable
sources, but to the guy sitting in the big chair in the Oval Office.

Don't blame me. I voted for the candidate who won the election.
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