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1 5th May 07:49
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Default Donny Rumsfeld sez there isn't a guerilla war in Iraq. (respect)

Posted on Wed, Jul. 16, 2003

Missile fired at U.S. plane in Iraq

Associated Press

BAGHDAD, Iraq - In a marked escalation in attacks, suspected insurgents
tried to shoot down a U.S. transport plane with a surface-to-air missile
Wednesday, killed an American soldier in a convoy and gunned down the mayor
of an Iraqi city.

The new American commander in Iraq acknowledged for the first time Wednesday
that coalition forces are facing a "classical guerrilla-type war situation"
against opponents ranging from members of Saddam Hussein's Baath Party to
non-Iraqi fighters from terrorist groups. Gen. John Abizaid spoke on the eve
of a banned holiday Saddam loyalists could use to demonstrate their power.


He (Rumsfeld) told the committee that "the fact that the facts change from
time to time with respect to specifics does not surprise me or shock me at
all; it is all to be expected. It is part of the intelligence world we live
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