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1 15th December 08:37
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Default No Sense of Perspective. Was: CIA refuses to play fallguy

My wife Madge and I have just returned from our Country Club where we
always go to have brunch on Sunday afternoons. While sipping the
cognac that was served with the bananas foster I had a chance to
discuss this trumped up furor over Iraq's nuclear bomb program with
some of the other club members -- loyal republicans one and all. Most
of us are convinced that this whole ridiculous drama is another good
illustration of the fact that liberals in the media don't seem to have
a decent sense of perspective, and tend to focus on one side of an
issue while ignoring all the substantial contrary arguments that don't
fit their point of view.

We witnessed another good example of this lack of liberal perspective
during Clinton's failed pre-Monica attempt to abolish the tobacco
industry because of his still unproven personal suspicion that
cigarette smoking might be harmful to a smoker's health. I still
vividly remember when Clinton supporters made a big photo-op deal of
the fact that some old 65 year old coot was dying of lung cancer that
was allegedly linked to his consumption of three packs a day. While
focusing on the personal problems of this worthless old fart, both
Clinton and the reporters seemed to be oblivious to the fact that the
american tobacco industry employs hundreds of thousands of decent
americans, and that the stock portfolios of hundreds of affluent
families wouldn't be worth a wood nickle if cigarettes were totally
banned. Thank God in Heaven the Monica scandal came along and
derailed the whole scheme!

We saw another example of this liberal bias much closer to home right
here in my home town in Texas. Right after Clinton was elected, one
of the personnel managers of my company decided to hire a young white
man with no experience and only a high school degree because he was
convinced that the young man would make a better factory supervisor
than an older Negro job applicant with a degree in chemical
engineering from one of those uppity liberal "Ivy League" schools.
Well, the Negro complained to some liberal jew reporters from NYC and
then a bunch of outside Negro agitators came to town and the next
thing we knew we had picket lines around our factory with lots of
signs claiming that we were a bunch of racist rednecks! By the time
the Negros and Jews gave up and went home to their northern slums we
had lost nearly five million dollars (!!!) in expenses as a direct
result of these protests. The upshot was that we had to discontinue
a couple of product lines to recoup our losses and had to lay off
several dozen employees who had been with our company for many years
--- all because one single uppity Negro man couldn't accept the fact
that he was less qualified than a younger white man to do a particular

Unfortunately, the story didn't end there. The liberal media didn't
bother to cover the story of the dozens of white employees who ended
up losing their jobs. Not one peep, but a few months after the
layoffs a couple of ****agers who were still pissed off about the
whole situation decided to take out their frustrations on some
forty-three year old Negro boy with a smart mouth that they found
walking along the road one night all alone. The ****agers said some
things to the Negro just to blow off steam, and the Negro said some
nasty things back, and pretty soon the whole thing got completely out
of hand and the Negro boy ended up getting himself killed by accident.
The sheriff arrested the white ****agers and there was no question
that they were going to be punished for their role in the accidental
killing of the Negro, but sure enough, the liberal media got wind of
the whole story and the next thing we knew there were headlines all
around the country claiming that our town was full of so-called hick
"hate criminals"... all because a 43 year old Negro without a
proverbial pot to piss in got himself killed in a silly argument with
a couple of ****agers.

I don't want to stir up any hornets' nests but I have to say that
there's a bright spot to the aftermath of 09/11 because it has made
the jewish reporters and media moguls realize -- given their hatred of
the moslem towelhead "sand niggers" -- that maybe there are two sides
to the conflicts between whites and negros both in the south and in
the northern cities. If the aforementioned incidents were to happen
again today, I think the jew reporters would be a lot less eager to
put in their liberal two cents -- thanks to the fact that they don't
want white christian reporters to start probing into building projects
on the west bank and the influx of the russian mafia into Israel and
jews in the **** business and so on and so forth. Let's hope they
shut up about this niberian uranium thing before they end up getting
their big noses clipped.

Final Point -- Please don't misunderstand Texas views about jews and
negros. We like jews just fine IN ISRAEL, and we love negros IN
AFRICA. I can't wait until these Arab-Israeli conflicts are all
resolved so the Israelites here in america can go home to the zionist
state where they belong.
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