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1 12th June 20:49
voiceofreason <>
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Default MN Governor Sends State Patrol To Quell Negro Violence

Now, is there any "proof" that gangs were involved? Von Bailey keeps
saying that cops are just making this up, blaming "gangs" for crime in
the hood, using it as an excuse to go in and collar young black men.

Well gang-banging violence seems to be breaking out in lots of places
lately. Washington DC has been really hard hit in a couple of 'hoods
by gang mayhem; one is in a black part of the SE section, the other
is in a Salvadoran part of NW.

BTW, one of the DC gangs cited below is named "Street Thug Criminals".
Now, is THAT an *original* name or what? Well at least they can't be
sued for false advertising.


Disputes Among D.C. Gangs Blamed in Rash of Shootings

By David A. Fahrenthold and Petula Dvorak
Washington Post Staff Writers
Wednesday, August 6, 2003; Page B01

Two armed feuds in distant corners of Washington were blamed by police
for shootings that killed one man and injured seven on Monday,
continuing a chaotic summer that has brought back echoes of the street
warfare that gripped the city in decades past.

Yesterday, one man died of a wound he received when a crowd was
sprayed with gunfire outside a Southeast housing complex. Police said
that incident, in which six others were wounded late Monday, might
have sprung from a dispute between groups from nearby neighborhoods.

The other shooting, in which a 20-year-old man was wounded in Adams
Morgan, was attributed to a feud between rival Latino gangs. Police
tied it to two shootings Saturday. A ****ager and a man reputed to be
a gang leader were charged with assault with intent to kill in the
Adams Morgan attack, which occurred in midafternoon.

Police said the shootings involved members of the two main kinds of
street groups bedeviling the city: loosely organized neighborhood
"crews," such as those believed involved in the Southeast Washington
violence, and more structured gangs that have emerged in heavily
Salvadoran areas of Northwest Washington.

Community activists said they were surprised by the violence of both
attacks Monday and expressed concern that the city could be
experiencing the kind of carnage that took place in the late 1980s and
early 1990s, when drug gangs and crews battled for turf during the
spread of crack cocaine.

This year in the city, 156 people have been killed, up from 143 at
this point last year. Police and activists have said gang activity is
one factor behind the increase.

"It's not new. It's a relapse," said Tyrone Parker, executive director
of the anti-violence group Alliance of Concerned Men. He warned that
"we're going to see more of it" unless the city acts.

Last evening marked National Night Out, an annual anti-crime event
that features block parties, marches and other neighborhood events.
The usual celebratory spirit was tempered by the violence of recent

Police Chief Charles H. Ramsey said he met yesterday with Latino
community leaders and committed six officers for at least six weeks to
an anti-gang "intervention partnership." He said officers will work
with community groups in hopes that the groups can broker a truce.

Some officials and activists said feuds among gangs in Northwest
Washington have led to four homicides and one other shooting in the
past two weeks. They said they were very worried by the recent events,
in which one volley of gunfire seems to lead to another. Gangs such as
Street Thug Criminals and Vatos Locos have been drawing members from
heavily Salvadoran neighborhoods.

"Our game plan is completely inadequate for this type of violence,"
said D.C. Council member Adrian M. Fenty (D-Ward 4).

The Southeast Washington shooting took place less than eight hours
after the trouble in Adams Morgan: At 10:45 p.m., a man with an
assault rifle fired at least four dozen times from a dark SUV into a
crowd in the 2700 block of Langston Place SE, police said. Jason
Pinkett, 23, of the 2700 block of Robinson Place SE, was hit in the
head and died yesterday morning. Among those wounded in the attack,
who were all males, were a 16-year-old and a 17-year-old.

Cmdr. Winston Robinson, who heads the 7th Police District in
Anacostia, said authorities there hadn't seen that level of violence
in years.

Investigators theorize that a conflict between nearby neighborhoods
might have triggered the shooting, though they had not determined
exactly who was involved.

The Woodland Terrace neighborhood has a well-known crew, but members
of other crews were on the street at the time of the shooting,
Robinson said. These loose groups, often composed of men who have
grown up around a particular street or housing complex, often have
disputes over small or imagined slights, police say.

Such issues could include "something that happened at a club.
Something someone said about someone else. The way someone looked at a
girl," Robinson said. "The problem is that all the guys we're dealing
with are young, they are all immature and they all have guns."

Other investigators said the shooting may have been an act of
retaliation by a group known as the Congress Heights crew for a
homicide on 10th Place SE early Saturday, in which Isaiah H. Broggin
Jr., 36, was shot in the face and leg.

Monday night at the scene in Southeast, where shell casings littered
the road and gleamed in the light of a streetlamp, one officer who has
worked in the 7th District since the 1980s said this summer "is one of
the worst I've seen."

Council member Kevin P. Chavous (D-Ward 7) said it appears "we're
seeing a new generation of drug boys who are stepping up to try and
make a name for themselves, to establish themselves."

In the Adams Morgan shooting, a 20-year-old man was hit in the torso
and arm as he stood behind a Popeyes chicken restaurant in the 1700
block of Columbia Road NW. Yesterday, police sources described a chain
of violence that is believed to have led to the attack.

The first link was the death of Samuel Arias Avila, 19, who was found
beaten and shot in the unit block of Hawaii Avenue NE about 4 a.m.
Saturday, police sources said.

Avila was a member of Street Thug Criminals, police said, and
apparently was involved romantically with a woman who was tied to
Vatos Locos. Investigators think he may have been surprised and killed
by members of Vatos Locos, the sources said.

About 18 hours later, gunmen firing from a car killed 20-year-old
Javier Fuentes-Alvarado in front of a rowhouse in the 3000 block of
Sherman Avenue NW.

Investigators suspect this shooting was carried out by Street Thug
Criminals members who were actually targeting the house next door.
That was the residence of Oscar Chavez, who was indicted in May along
with other alleged members of Vatos Locos in connection with a
year-long war with other groups. Police sources said they believe
Street Thug Criminals members then targeted the victim in Monday's
shooting, whom they described as linked to Vatos Locos. They pulled up
in a van, and a gunman got out and fired a revolver, a source said.

Yesterday, police charged 22-year-old Dimas A. Villatoro, who is the
reputed leader of Street Thug Criminals, and the 17-year-old. Charging
do***ents alleged that the 17-year-old was the gunman and that
Villatoro drove the van. Both were ordered held without bond after a
court appearance.

Staff writers Henri E. Cauvin and Simone Weichselbaum and staff
researcher Carmen Chapin contributed to this report.

2003 The Washington Post Company
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