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1 11th August 04:49
harry hope
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Default No-bid Halliburton overbills in Iraq

From Reuters, 10/15/03:

Halliburton Overbills in Iraq-Congressman

By Sue Pleming

WASHINGTON (Reuters) -

A U.S. Democratic lawmaker on Wednesday accused Halliburton, the Texas
oil services company once run by Vice President **** Cheney, of
overcharging the U.S. government for gasoline the firm imports into

Halliburton subsidiary Kellogg Brown & Root has a contract with the
U.S. Army Corps of Engineers to rebuild Iraq's oil sector, which has
included importing gasoline products in short supply to the oil-rich

"Millions of Americans want to help Iraqis but they don't want to be
fleeced (by Halliburton)," Rep. Henry Waxman, of California, told a
news conference.

Waxman said army do***ents showed that as of Sept. 18, the United
States had paid Halliburton $300 million to import about 190 million
gallons (719 million litres) of gasoline into Iraq.

Halliburton charged an average price of $1.59 per gallon (3.7 litres),
excluding the company's fee of 2 percent to 7 percent, said Waxman.

He said the average wholesale cost of gasoline during that period in
the Middle East was about 71 cents a gallon, a figure an oil industry
source told Reuters was accurate.

That meant Halliburton was charging more than 90 cents a gallon to
transport fuel into Iraq from Kuwait

"When we checked with independent experts to see if this fee was
reasonable, they were stunned," said Waxman, adding a reasonable
transport cost would be 10 to 25 cents per gallon, especially as the
U.S. military was providing security.

Waxman sent a letter on Wednesday to the White House Office of
Management and Budget complaining KBR was overcharging for petroleum

"From the facts available to us, Halliburton seems to be inflating
gasoline prices at a great cost to American taxpayers.

The overcharging by Halliburton is so extreme that one expert

__________________________________________________ ___

Well, Tricky ****y Cheney didn't think you folks would mine giving his
company, Halliburton, a li'l bit of a bonus. Figured ya didn't know
what else ta do with yer dough.

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2 11th August 04:50
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Default No-bid Halliburton overbills in Iraq

To paraphrase David Letterman --- when you write that check --- there are 2
L's in Halliburton.
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3 11th August 14:08
peter vos
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Default No-bid Halliburton overbills in Iraq

Two questions:

1) Why are we IMPORTING fuel into Iraq?

2) Is anyone surprised they overbilled?
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4 11th August 14:08
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Default No-bid Halliburton overbills in Iraq

I'll be surprised if it's not watered down......
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5 11th August 23:27
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Default $87 Billion In National Treasure To Be Flushed Down A Toilet Named Iraq

A nation that does little more than kill our servicemen is now to be
the beneficiary of an $87 billion gift?

Or is it really just a way of further enriching Halliburton and other
allies of the Bush family?

Either way, this daft idiot Bush and his corrupt regime have got to
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6 13th August 15:52
shel scott
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Default What might be the purpose of HH's vernacular (yer, ya, ta)? (modem)

<total gibberish>

Could someone reading this please opine as to why the "Harry Hope"
group account uses misspelling (ya, yer, ta) and verbal vernacular
(li'l) in all their posts.
What could be the purpose of this?
): "I may make you feel, but I can't make you think"
(: Off the monitor, through the modem, nothing but net
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