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1 19th August 06:34
steven d. litvintchouk
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Default Ah-nuld the fondler and, apparently, *** maniac.

This is California. Nobody in California is shocked, or even offended,
by the escapades of actors in Hollywood.

They get married, they have affairs, they get divorced in six months,
they get married again, they have more affairs, they get divorced in
another six months, round and round they go.

In Hollywood, faithful marriages that last a lifetime are relatively rare.

Steven D. Litvintchouk

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2 19th August 16:41
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Default Ah-nuld the fondler and, apparently, *** maniac.

So if the GOP works overtime to manuveur Ahnold into court its bad he
gropes women, but until then its perfe3ctly OK with teh right and its
selective sense of outrage and other double standards?

Clinton did have a consensual relationship with Ms. Lewinski,
groping women is something else.

Or does no right winger care? Double standards, means no real sense of
morals. Relativism is supposed to be bad, right, so the religous far right
lustily claims until its time for them to be relative and show their
doubles standards.

What is wrong with the right and what accounts for the rights real lack of
moral standards?

And before you get up on your soapbox and blowhard off
at full volume, I voted Nader. Twice now.

And why does it seem that anytime a GOP politician is criticized fror his
lack of morals, teh right seems to divert attention by mentioning Clinton,
but never, ever, ever admuits the original subject, the original criticism
may have merits. Apparently if a right winger blurts out something about
bill Clinton, it means that whatever right wing politician is the subject
of a post is off the hook no matter what he or she did, "I said Bill
Clinton - King's X!"

Arnold has a long history of groping women, he's unfit to run.
Or is it OK to grope women? Or ist iot only OK for GOP candidates to grope

What is wrong with you dumb**** right wingers anyway?

Its just a big game with you, isn't it?

When I shake my killfile, I can hear them buzzing!

Cheerful Charlie
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3 19th August 16:41
External User
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Default Ah-nuld the fondler and, apparently, *** maniac.

Ohhhhhhhhh!? I wouldn't vote fror a schnook that groped every women
he got a chance to grope.
Are you saying its OK when GOP candidate has a long history of such?
I bet if Arnold was a Democrat, you would be vcery concerned.

We have a double standard problem here.

The right is silent when its there guy. Clinton as BAD because he cheated
on his wife.
George Bush had al least six adulterous relationships as vice president,
and the right never admitted it, much less criticized him as they
criticised Clinton.

Clinton BAD! Clinton cheated on his wife, if he'd cheat on his wife, he
cannot be trusted to not cheat on American citizens as a president!
remember those sorts of statements tehg right threw around?

No, convenient GOP type memory loss again?

No, Ahnold is fool, and anybody who has babbled about Clinton and now
brush's off Ahnold's aggressive groping and adulterous *** relations
is a hypocrite worth nothing but abject contempt.

Ahnold should pack it in.
And the right should make it clear that that sort of behavior
is not acceptable.

But then, they won;t because the right as a whole has no morals itself,
just uses morality in an opportunistic manner, a true double standard,
cynical intellectual dishonesty is what the conservative movement all to
often has shown it has instead on any morals at all.

When I shake my killfile, I can hear them buzzing!

Cheerful Charlie
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4 25th August 02:20
harry hope
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Default Ah-nuld the fondler and, apparently, *** maniac.

From The Daily Mail, 8/18/03:

The Groping Governor

By Wendy Leigh, Daily Mail

Until earlier this month, when Arnold’s latest film, Terminator 3, was
released, it wasn’t clear whether he was planning to run for Governor,
or was just using the possibility as a means to promote his movie.

Some suggested he was hesitating because he didn’t want to expose his
family to the inevitable scrutiny of his private life that would

For although Arnold portrays himself as a faithful husband, besotted
by his beautiful princess, there is ample evidence that he has had
numerous dalliances with other women.

Yet, Kennedy wife that she is, Maria is not only said to be taking an
influential role in his campaign, but consistently seems to have
turned a blind eye both to his straying and his antics.

Most notably, Arnold has developed an apparent penchant for groping
nubile young women.

This has even extended to fondling the breasts of his Terminator co-
star Linda Hamilton -- in front of Hamilton’s then-boyfriend,
Terminator producer James Cameron.

And when Arnold came to London in 2000, his behaviour led insiders to
label him ‘the octopus’.

When TV presenter Anna Richardson interviewed Arnold for Big Screen at
the Dorchester Hotel, he asked her pointblank if her breasts were

He then pulled her onto his knee, circled her nipple with his finger,
squeezed it and announced: ‘Yeah, they are real.’

And when Denise Van Outen interviewed him for The Big Breakfast, he
slapped her bottom then brushed his arm against her breast.

Afterwards, he smirked: ‘It was a handful. I never know if my wife’s
watching. I’ll tell her it was a stuntman.’

Arnold’s apparent disregard for Maria’s feelings, and his certainty
that she will ignore his chauvinistic behaviour towards other women,
is so strong that when he was promoting Terminator 3 in London a few
weeks ago, TV cameras caught him putting his hand on co- star
Kristanna Loken’s bottom while they waved to the crowds from the
balcony of the Odeon Leicester Square.

Maria was close by.

The great irony is that Arnold is seeking office in one of the most
politically correct states in America.

And there is even talk that he could run for President one day, if the
rules are changed to allow foreign-born candidates.

The roots of Arnold’s attitude to women lie far away in his homeland
of Austria.

When his father, Gustav, observed that the 17-year-old Arnold had
never had a girlfriend and was obsessed by bodybuilding -- an activity
which has always had *** connotations -- he became worried about his

So he did all he could to encourage Arnold to bring girls to their
home in Graz; he gave them wine then left them alone together, hoping
that the inevitable would happen.

Gustav’s permissiveness paid off.

By the time Arnold was 19, and had come to England to compete in the
Mr Universe contest, his appetite for women was well-developed -- as
was his crude approach to them.

Newcastle bodybuilder John Citrone told me: ‘Any time we were in
hotels or bars, he’d ask girls straight out: "Do you want to come to
bed with me?" He was very forward.’

Women fell for Arnold like ninepins, and his success with them was

When Arnold attained fame as a bodybuilder, his celebrity made it easy
for him to indulge his desires.

He won 13 bodybuilding titles, including becoming the youngest Mr
Universe in history when he was only 20, and going on to win Mr
Olympia an unprecedented seven times.

This success only served to boost his arrogance and disrespect for

His mentor, publisher Joe Weider, said that when a woman asked Arnold
for an autograph, he would say ‘Only if you let me touch your breast’.

Despite the fact that Arnold’s crudeness around women is an open
secret in the film business, it hasn’t hindered his career one iota.

His ability to carry on behaving badly while escaping censure has
perhaps only served to encourage him.

St Lucian bodybuilder Rick Wayne once saw Arnold, in the days before
his relationship with Maria, approach a black restaurant employee, ask
her why she worked so hard -- and then, in the next breath, invite her
to come home with him for ***.

She complied.

The next morning, according to Wayne, Arnold made a point of saying to
him: ‘The girl said I was better than any black guy she ever had.’

He is a man with a burning desire to be the best at everything -- and
that drive applied to his performance in bed as well as his
professional career.

By the time Arnold met Maria Shriver, in 1977, he had already starred
in a do***entary called Pumping Iron, developed a taste for country
music and grasped the concept of the American Dream, through his
first American girlfriend, a teacher named Barbara Outland.

He was ready for the big time.

So when he met Maria, he instantly knew that she was his passport to
the top echelons of American society.

The daughter of Jack Kennedy’s favourite sister, Eunice, and her
husband, Peace Corps founder Sargent Shriver, Maria was highly
eligible, intelligent and pretty, but also convent-educated, innocent
and naive.

Her naivety made it extremely easy for Arnold to maintain a
relationship with her -- reaping all the rewards of being allied to a
Kennedy princess -- while indulging his appetites for wild *** with
another woman.

Her name was Sue Moray. At 25, she was four years younger than Arnold
when they met on the beach in Venice, California.

She was completely captivated by him.

True to form, he made no bones about his ***ual proclivities, telling
her that he wanted an open relationship with her.

Part of that relationship, according to Sue, included revealing the
details of ***ual liaisons they each had outside of their

‘It was part of the turn-on for us,’ Sue confided to me. ‘He would
tell me. Then I would tell him. But when I did, he got really mad. All
he ever said about Maria was that she was "just a friend", but I
didn’t believe him.’

Arnold managed to sustain simultaneous relationships with Sue and
Maria for more than a year, also dallying with other women along the

One of them gave him a venereal disease. ‘I was outraged,’ remembers
Sue. ‘Arnold just said:

"Look, what if I came and gave you a cold -- would you be outraged?
You know I sleep with other people."

‘He turned it on me, telling me that I was outrageous even thinking
there was anything wrong about getting a venereal disease from him.’

Despite his infidelities to Maria, Arnold artfully maintained the
fiction that he was besotted by her, and faithful.

His performance was so successful that, although he was a Republican,
he was accepted by the Kennedy clan, gaining the approval of matriarch
Rose Kennedy, JFK’S mother.

Maria, now a celebrated American TV journalist, seemed on the verge of
becoming Mrs Arnold Schwarzenegger.

But in 1984, Arnold embarked on a passionate ***ual affair with Red
Sonja co- star Brigitte Nielsen, and even took her home to meet his
mother, Aurelia, in Graz.

When Maria learned of Arnold’s infidelity, she issued an ultimatum --
and, in August 1985, he proposed marriage to her (Brigitte Nielsen,
meanwhile, went on to marry, then divorce, Sylvester Stallone).

In April 1986, in a romantic Cape Cod ceremony attended by Jacqueline
Kennedy Onassis, Grace Jones and countless Kennedy cousins, Arnold
married Maria.

He was now a fully-fledged member of America’s aristocracy -- and, it
seemed, destined to live happily ever after with Maria.

By now, he was also a movie star. Starting with the 1982 blockbuster
Conan The Barbarian, followed by Conan The Destroyer in 1984, he
starred in Commando in 1985, and was soon earning $10million a film.

However, forever reckless and arrogant, Arnold continued in his wild,
womanising ways.

According to Premiere journalist John Connolly, there were rumours
that Arnold had an affair with co-star Rachel Ticotin during the 1990
making of the film Total Recall.

Connolly quotes a journalist who accompanied the-then married Ticotin
and Arnold on an evening out as saying: ‘When I left them, they were
making out and were all over each other on a banquette.

‘The next day, I saw Arnold and Maria strolling out of the elevator.
Maria gave me the look a married woman does when she knows that you
know her husband is cheating on her.’

More recently, Arnold conducted a seven-year extra-marital affair with
former Little House On The Prairie actress Gigi Goyette.

According to an American magazine, Arnold and Gigi first met when she
was 16 and he was 28 and unmarried.

They had ***, then separated, only to meet again in 1989.

Last week, Gigi revealed that she had been Arnold’s secret mistress
for seven years. ‘I was his avenue of relaxation,’ she said. ‘His wife
wasn’t there to relieve him.’

Although Gigi’s revelations were publicised throughout America, as
were other revelations that Arnold was interrupted in his trailer
while giving another woman oral ***, Maria Shriver steadfastly ignored
all the evidence, standing by her man no matter what.

Arnold’s representatives, meanwhile, have constantly denied all such

__________________________________________________ ______

Tsk, tsk. No one wonder the Christian fundies have trouble supporting
the guy.

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5 10th September 00:50
External User
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Default Ah-nuld the fondler and, apparently, *** maniac.

I have heard allegations, I have seen no proof.
I place these right in the same catagory that Clinton used cocaine.

Juanita Broderick?

Where are the women ***ually assualted by "Arnold"?
Really..if these claims were credible and verifiable, he is toast

So you support a liar of a different flavor?
Am I supposed to be impressed?

In this thread, the original poster referenced "I never had *** with
that woman..."
Take you complaint up with him

Strawman argument not supported in this thread

So where are the victims? In this day and age, ***ual assualt is not
The LA Times, SF Chronicle (you know "right wing" newspapers" would
have a field day with it.

C'mon man..get a grip. If there is any credible dirt on "arnold" it
would be out by now..or is this part of the VRWC?

Where are the victims? Is rumor/innuendo/whisper campaigns
sufficient for non support?

We dont beleive every unsupported claim from the left wing loons

Nice to see the politics of personal destruction are alive and well
with the left T.Carr
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