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1 20th May 04:14
harry hope
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Default Bush dealt double setback over Iraq. What's Karl Rove doin' these days?

From The Toronto Star, 7/9/03:

Bush dealt double setback over Iraq

Another Saddam tape pops up in Baghdad

Blair forced to defend himself in Parliament



The Bush administration suffered twin setbacks yesterday in its battle
to gain control in Iraq and hang on to rapidly evaporating public
support for the war at home, three months after Saddam Hussein's
statue was toppled.

Another tape purporting to be of Saddam surfaced in Baghdad yesterday,
in which the former Iraqi leader exhorts citizens to continue covert
attacks on American "invaders."

Those attacks have taken 30 lives since George W. Bush declared an end
to combat May 1, and eight more soldiers were wounded in attacks

Assaults have become more brazen and widespread and carried out with
heavier firepower.

At home Bush took a major hit to his credibility when the White House
admitted that his claim that Iraq was seeking to buy uranium in Niger
to restart its nuclear program was false and based on forged

He made the charge in January in his State of the Union address, even
though intelligence officials both within the Central Intelligence
Agency and the State Department had questioned its veracity.

Even after the statement, and with doubts swirling within the
administration, Vice-President **** Cheney repeated the charge on
television talk shows as the March invasion date approached.

"We went to war based on a lie," said Ohio Congressman Dennis
Kucinich, who is seeking the Democratic presidential nomination.

Tom Daschle, the Democratic leader in the Senate also renewed calls
for a full inquiry into the quality of the intelligence used by the
Bush administration to justify the Iraqi war.

The White House was forced to admit the error after a British House of
Commons committee concluded it was wrong to include that information
in a dossier cited by Bush in the speech, because it had already been
discredited by the CIA.

Its report came hard on the heels of charges by Joseph Wilson, a
former diplomat who had been dispatched to Niger to investigate
potential uranium sales, that the information was not credible.

"Knowing all that we know now, the reference to Iraq's attempt to
acquire uranium from Africa should not have been included in the State
of the Union speech," a senior Bush administration official said in a

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Where's Saddam? I guess nobody's in hurry to pick the $25 million
reward, eh? By the way, where's ole "dead or alive" Osama?

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