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1 21st April 09:59
mark k
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Default Colon Bowell Going Into Business

Larry Kudlow is Jewish. Pulver is Jewish.

Yes, we all do know that Jews are not a fan of Colin, because of his initial
opposition to and his abortive attempt at obtaining UN approval for the US
invasion of Iraq.

He does not give the Jews and the Israelis whatever they demand and is
therefore "Not for the good of the Jews."

He must go.
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2 21st April 10:00
mark k
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Default Colon Bowell Going Into Business

Brother Kudlow doing his two bits for Jewish/Israeli cause?

"Charges of anti-Semitism and guilt over the Holocaust are not the only
instruments of Jewish aggressiveness on Israeli issues.

Jewish groups intimidate their enemies by a variety of means.

People who oppose policies on Israel advocated by Jewish activist
organizations have been fired from their jobs, harassed with letters,
subjected to intrusive surveillance, and threatened with death.

Although there is a great deal of self-censorship in the media on Israel as
a result of the major role of Jews in the ownership and production of the
media, gaps in this armor are aggressively closed.

There are "threats to editors and advertising departments, orchestrated
boycotts, slanders, campaigns of character assassination, and personal

Other examples recounted by Findley include pressure on the Federal
Communications Commission to stop broadcast licenses, demands for submission
to an oversight committee prior to publication, and the stationing of a
Jewish activist in the newsroom of the Washington Post in order to monitor
the process.

The result of all this intense, well-organized aggression is that

Those who criticize Israeli policy in any sustained way invite painful and
relentless retaliation, and even loss of their livelihood by pressure from
one or more parts of Israel's lobby.

Presidents fear it.

Congress does its bidding. Prestigious universities shun academic programs
and buckle under its pressure. Instead of having their arguments and
opinions judged on merit, critics of Israel suddenly find their motivations,
their integrity, and basic moral values called into question.

No matter how moderate their criticism, they may be characterized as pawns
of the oil lobby, apologists for Arabs, or even anti-Semitic.109

The following quote from Henry Kissinger sums up the aggressive Israeli
attitudes toward U.S. aid:

Yitzak [Rabin] had many extraordinary qualities, but the gift of human
relations was not one of them.

If he had been handed the entire "United States Strategic Air Command" as
a free gift he would have (a) affected the attitude that at last Israel was
getting its due, and (b) found some technical shortcoming in the airplanes
that made his accepting them a reluctant concession to us.110
But of course by far the most important examples of Israeli aggressiveness
have been toward their neighbors in the Middle East. This aggression has
been there from the beginning, as Israel has consistently put pressure on
border areas with incursions, including the Kibya massacre of 1953 led by
Ariel Sharon.111

The personal aggressiveness of Israeli society has long been a topic of
commentators. Israel is known for its arrogance, insolence (chutzpah),
coldness, roughness, rudeness, and lack of civility.

For example, B. Z. Sobel, an Israeli sociologist at the University of Haifa,
found that among the motivations for emigrating from Israel was that "there
is indeed an edginess [in Israeli society]; tempers flare, and verbal
violence is rampant"112


108. Findley 1989, 296.

109. Findley 1989, 315.

110. In Ball and Ball 1992, 70.

111. See Ball and Ball 1992, 44 and passim.

112. Sobel 1986, 153.

Findley, P. 1989. They Dare to Speak Out: People and Institutions Confront
Israel's Lobby, 2nd ed. Chicago: Lawrence Hill Books.

Ball G. and Ball, D. 1992. The Passionate Attachment: American's Involvement
with Israel, 1947 to the Present. New York: W. W. Norton.

Sobel, B. Z 1986. Exodus from Israel. In E. Levine, ed., Voices from
Israel: Understanding the Israeli Mind. New York, London, Toronto: Herzl
Press, Cornwall Books.
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3 21st April 10:00
mark k
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Default Colon Bowell Going Into Business

"The brilliant Paul Wolfowitz is high on everyone's list."

Larry K. pumping up support for holy brother Wolfowitz of Arabia, who has
got us into a mess that is costing us $50 billion per year (not counting any
aid to the Iraqis - if there will be any) - all for the sake of the security
of his Middle East motherland.
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4 21st April 10:00
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Default Colon Bowell Going Into Business

You see, some leftist news hack fabricates a story, and the subject denies
it, so of course all the leftists insist it's true.

Read their basic manual on untruth and how to use it. Disinformatsia.
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