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1 14th March 18:47
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Default County receives offensive e-mail (spokeswoman)

Racially insensitive cartoon forwarded to 3,200 county employees

A racially offensive e-mail sent by a Monterey County employee over the
county's internal e-mail system likely won't be cause for termination,
but the employee will receive a strong warning, a county department head
said Wednesday.

Some 3,200 employees received the e-mail -- a racially disparaging
cartoon depicting a "Mexifornia" driver's license with a man wearing a
sombrero -- from a county Information Technology Department worker
around 2 p.m. Monday.

"They're trying to figure out why this was done," said county
spokeswoman Maia Carroll. "They are interviewing employees now to find
out why it was sent out."
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2 14th March 18:47
lets roll
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Default County receives offensive e-mail

"It's ugly imagery, one that I find personally offensive," Schwab said. "I'm
embarrassed, given all the effort I've made to have a positive image... that
there's this undercurrent or incident happening in my department."

Duh. How about Americans who are personally offended by laws that are not
enforced on illegal aliens? Hint hint, Comrade Schwab: the undercurrent is
happening all over the country. The snow job you have done within your
department and the attempted suppression of offended Americans is failing
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3 14th March 18:47
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Default County receives offensive e-mail

Things are a changing!

Big time.

Draconian laws putting the darker skin below the White skin are on the way, all
brought about by pols trying to deny their racism and going overboard the other

Before you dismiss this: In or around 1973, Britain brought in a limitation on
the number of Brit East Indian passport holders coming into Britain. The
Socialists brought it in, via Home Affairs minister Roy(Woy)
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4 14th March 18:48
marcus cato
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Default County receives offensive e-mail

Forgot the denial part:

"There could be a wide variety of motivations" for the e-mail, Schwab
said. He said the employee could have been trying to bring attention
to a "painful cir***stance" in the workplace or "to target a person
for censure.""

There has to be another reason, some workplace problem or screwy
employee, it can't just be the incredulous feeling that everyone
shares about what's happening.

If this were the Soviet Union, they would send them to a government
psychiatric hospital.
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5 15th March 05:51
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Default County receives offensive e-mail

There' such a deep divide anymore. It's like many pols are living in
another world...oblivious to the one that surrounds me. How can they be so
insulated from common mood in the land?
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6 15th March 05:51
marcus cato
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Default County receives offensive e-mail

Shame to say, I think they look at everything from pure, selfish job
interest, and they do live in another world. The combination gives
them a different take on this whole situation. If one party can manage
to foil the other party, by keeping it from deporting these people, it
will gain great, long-term poltical advantage. They are both mortified
of that happening to them, especially the Republicans, so they both
move to recruit Illegals and their hispanic protectors. Win or Lose,
that's a lower risk game. If you discount the white citizenry.
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