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1 28th March 21:45
barbara walker
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Default I couldn't believe what I heard on the Clear Channel radio station tonight.

Speaking of defrauding the government and the American people, did they
mention the following news item?

Federal Judge Clarence Brimmer didn't mince words last week when he declared
the Clinton Administration's roadless rule in violation of federal law. His
100-page ruling exhaustively detailed how the federal government usurped
Congress by fast-tracking a rule with a predetermined outcome as mandated by
the President of the United States. The National Environmental Policy Act's
provisions for public participation in the decision-making process was a
casualty to the administration's "mad rush" to enact the rule before Clinton
left office.

"In its rush to give President Clinton lasting notoriety in the annals of
environmentalism, the Forest Service's shortcuts and bypassing of the
procedural requirements of NEPA has done lasting damage to our very laws
designed to protect the environment," Brimmer wrote. "What was meant to be a
rigorous and objective evaluation of alternatives to the proposed action was
given only a once-over lightly. In sum, there is no gainsaying the fact that
the roadless rule was driven through the administration process and adopted
by the Forest Service for the political capital of the Clinton
Administration without taking the 'hard look' that NEPA required."
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