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1 4th July 13:21
resasoned insanity
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Default John Kerry is a woman....

afterall it is a womans perogative to change her mind, again and again and
again and again.......
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2 4th July 13:21
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Default John Kerry is a woman....

Proliferation of HATE: Will Kill the WAR on Terror

This nation is starting be a nation I once thought we could never be part
of. We are displaying the Hatred for those people that are different then
us. We are stepping away from the values that has made this nation admired.
We are not destroying the fears of other nations, we are reinforcing them.
This nation has been involved in task to tell the world we are with you and
they are with us. Yet, we continually show ourselves as the people we think
we are and not the people we know we are.

We must STOP this process. It is history of the past that must teach us
this lesson. We must stop making enemies for this nation. We have been
alienating our friends and allies, and we are making those that hate us -
hate more. We have been belittling there attempts to do anything or say
anything. We have no future in a War on Terrorism if we can not see our
words and actions..

In 1991 - We fought a war. This war was a just war. It was a War that
built a coalition of nations to come to our side. It was a WAR that was to
defeat a dictatorship. A nation in which the leader was a bully, self
involved, willing to kill thousands for his own security. The WAR was the
exact war we are fighting today. That War was the IRAQ WAR.

Unlike the war of the past. Today we see ourselves fighting a war which is
all but paid for by us. Yes, there are other countries in the fight. BUT
the goodwill is the big part that is missing. We have so many problems that
make this war so much worse than the first. We have made the enemy stronger
by the means in which we implement this war. YES - I said we made it that

We are a people that will fight for what is right. We are people that will
help. But, we are also a people that can do the wrong thing for the right
reason. It can be changed, but leadership must change for that to occur.

Their think needs to change, their words need to change, and their actions
must change. If all these changes do not occur, America is in for a long
war. A war which only will bring pain and suffering. It will not create a
safer world, but a more dangerous world.

The nation has to debate how we accomplish this task. We can not win the
war that is not open for free debate, we can not win a war if we silence the
voices. We have fought through wars in our past. We know the outcome of
them all. The differences are also known. The wins were due to ability of
this nation to debate, and communicate openly about what is the strategy of
this nation. Communication ends doubt. it ends mistrust, it ends suspicions
of the people who are in power.

We are diverting the energy of this nation to win the war. We will not
agree if we can not speak, we can not win if we hate, we will not win if we
do not listen.

This is the black and white issue facing this nation. We know we want to
defeat the terrorist, we want to save the Afghanistan and Iraq people. We
want a safe world to live in. BUT none of these task can happen if are
unwilling to communicate. Unable to listen is not a good plan, Unable to
care is not a good plan, Unable to sacrifice in shared manner is not a good

And the only judge of this WAR will be HISTORY.

The only COST of this WAR will be the PEOPLE that will no longer be on this

The only LOSS will be all of OURS.
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3 8th July 12:41
tom mccafferty
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Default John Kerry is a woman....

That is ***ist stereotype.

I would rather see little girls wear, blue denim jeans pants, than pink
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