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1 20th April 03:47
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Default John Kerry - Tapdancing into Political Oblivion (spokeswoman)

...Kerry defended his Senate vote in favor of the Iraq
resolution, however, saying it was the right vote, "based on the
information that we were given."

He said he voted for it with the expectation that the United
States would build an international coalition and exhaust other
remedies before attacking. He said he was not voting to give Mr.
Bush permission "to make an end run around the United Nations."

...Christine Iverson, spokeswoman for the Republican National
Committee, said Mr. Kerry should be more direct on the issue.

"If Senator Kerry regrets his vote to remove Saddam Hussein, he
should just say so. If Senator Kerry would change his vote to
remove Saddam Hussein, he should just say so. If Senator Kerry
is embarassed by his vote because it's unpopular with the
antiwar base of his party, he should just say so," she said.
Kerry is making a total ass of himself on this. His statement
that his vote was OK "based on the information that we were
given" is a disgrace. A US Senator who is DOING THE JOB of a US
Senator does NOT sit back and lap up what this administration or
any other administration is providing.

His claim that his vote was further based on the expectation
that Bush would build an international coalition ignores recent
history. His irritation over the UN being "sidestepped" is an
attempt to confer legitimacy on a corrupt and thoroughly
discredited institution.

Democrats, Howard Dean may drag you into political hell, but
ding dongs like Kerry will KEEP you there. This guy has
forfeited any claim to be the leader of your party. He can park
his ass next to Ted Kennedy in the Senate and stay there!

I have changed my mind on Kerry. He will be carved up over this
madness. What I overlooked was Kerry's baggage from his many
years in the Senate. Once again he's trying to go in two
directions simultaneously and once again he's shredding his
credibility in the process. The Iraq vote was HUGE and less
than a year later he's trying to blame his vote on Bush!? Ha!
The voters aren't going to think much of Kerry's decision-making
capabilities, that's for sure: Bush fooled me, Bush tricked me,
Bush let me down, Bush this and Bush that. Then the voters are
supposed to believe that Kerry won't be "fooled" by foreign
leaders?! BWAHAHAHAHA!!!

Howard Dean cracks the whip. He earned it, so Democrats should
run with him. Dean might drag the party into political hell,
but weasels like Kerry will KEEP the party there. Kerry is a
total, utter, and absolute disgrace to the party of Truman, JFK,
and "Scoop" Jackson. Can you imagine what the ghosts of Truman
and JFK would say to Kerry if they appeared before him? Truman
would rip him a new one and JFK would ridicule him into
numbness. Today's Democrats should do the same.
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