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1 18th December 05:41
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Many ***, Bi***ual Men Report Unsafe ***: Study

Yahoo! News
Tuesday, June 24, 2003

New York (Reuters Health) - A large percentage of *** and
bi***ual men say they have had unsafe *** in recent
months, putting themselves at risk of HIV and other
***ually transmitted diseases, a new study has found.

Among nearly 4,300 *** or bi***ual men in six U.S.
cities, around half said they had had unprotected ****
*** during the past six months, researchers report in the
American Journal of Public Health.

The findings "emphasize the continued need for effective
behavioral strategies designed to prevent HIV infection
among men who have *** with men," write Dr. Beryl A.
Koblin, of the New York Blood Center in New York City,
and colleagues.

Their results are based on interviews with 4,295 *** or
bi***ual men participating in the ongoing EXPLORE study,
which is aiming to identify risk behaviors that may be
fueling HIV transmission in the U.S.

Every six months the study participants undergo
counseling regarding their ***ual behavior and get tested
for HIV and other STDs.

All of the men were HIV-negative at the start of the
study and reported that they had had **** *** during the
six months prior to the study, which began in 1999.

Overall, men who said they'd had multiple ***ual partners
in recent months were no more likely to have used a
condom than those who said they had only one primary
partner -- a finding Koblin's team says is "of particular
concern" since the former group is at increased STD risk.

In addition, unprotected **** *** was much more common
when drugs and alcohol were involved, the researchers

The HIV epidemic among *** and bi***ual men in the U.S.
"continues to be a major public health issue," Koblin's
team writes.

"Our findings," they conclude, "support the continued
need for effective intervention strategies for men who
have *** with men that address relationship status, (HIV
status) of partners and drug and alcohol use."

SOURCE - American Journal of Public Health 2003:93:926-932.

Read the complete news at:

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2 19th December 01:59
fredthe fish
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Your point?


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