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1 12th April 03:35
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Default The root of it all

Anecdote to demonstrate the point:

I was posted to NY to work for a few months for my English employers and
engaged a consultant to help me with the project. He, Jewish, wifey Italian

One day, I made an anti 3rd world remark to his wife which I would stand by
today, and she unleashed a torrent of the PC crud we hear all the time today. I
felt terrible, felling morallly inferior to this woman, who had just corrected

I know better now. She was talking about and being angry at herself in the
guise of getting at me. If the Holy Bible means anything to you, read Romans 2,
or Melanie Klein's phenomenon of projection will do the job.

PRINCIPLE: The white world is engaged in wholesale denial of racism, the
consequences of which is, pointing fingers (projection), lack of
clearsightedness etc.

Think: The biggest hispanderer today is the son of an overt Nazi. You guessed
it. Teddy Kennedy of the N(w)IMBY fame. No windmills in my backyard.
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2 12th April 07:38
ahn fyuh wi dizayah
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Default The root of it all


today. I


White people would rather do anything - even exterminate themselves in
martyrdom - than admit to being "racist," even though of all the races, the
whites have produced the fewest ethnic conflicts.
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3 12th April 13:59
graphic queen
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Default The root of it all

Of course you have no idea what you are talking about.
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