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1 19th May 05:56
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Default They'll Never Take Saddam Alive.

LOL!! You're getting nervous already, aren'tcha?

Watch, whelp....GWB is prosecuting the anti-terror campaign...and he's

Americans are grateful that GWB is taking the war to the terrorists.

GWB will be re-elected. And I will remind you of it constantly!

And it is the LEFT that shreds the Constitution, wanting to repeal the
2nd Amendment....using deceitful un-Constitutional tactics in
Congress, calling the Constitution a "living" do***ent...Shoving
Torricelli onto the ballot WAY after it was legal to do so...
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2 19th May 05:56
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Default They'll Never Take Saddam Alive.

The Gov't has been talking about Islamic terrorists for 25 years.
The worst terrorist act happend on Bush's watch.

Seems like abject failure to me.

Killing thousands of Iraqi civilians as a way for Bush to
feel better about himself does not make me feel more secure.

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