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1 14th June 08:41
harry hope
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Default Turning over a Bush judicial nominee's slippery rock.

From a New York Times editorial, 7/19/03:

The Marketing of Political Clout

Senate hearings on President Bush's judicial nominees have stumbled
upon another slippery rock in the fetid landscape of politicians'
soliciting corporate America for big-money campaign donations.

Turning the rock over, we have something called the Republican
Attorneys General Association, whose ranking members in at least six
states -- the people's lawyers, keep in mind -- have been personally
begging for donations from corporate leaders in the very fields
entrusted to the public officials.

Donors from banking, insurance, liquor, computers and more have ponied
up hundreds of thousands of dollars for the attorneys general's
campaign fund since 1999.

We are told to relax: the group is legal, and the Democrats have a
parallel attorneys general group shaking the money tree for balance.

This fresh twist came to light through one of its founders, Attorney
General William Pryor of Alabama, Mr. Bush's nominee to a federal
appeals judgeship.

Mr. Pryor calls the group's rattling of the collection box eminently

But a whistle-blower has leaked do***ents about the association's
phone-call assignments and the "targeting" of H.M.O. executives and
the insurance industry as one of its "natural areas."

The money was funneled to the Republican National Committee, where
donors were kept secret and the committee was free, in turn, to donate
$100,000 to Mr. Pryor's campaign.

"Shakedown" is too inexact a word for this political babbittry.

Mr. Pryor's breezy defense of the money-raising is at least as
objectionable as, say, his strong views opposing abortion and ***

He does "not want corporations to be punished," he says, and generally
takes a "market oriented" approach to state law enforcement.

Market, indeed, as in seeing what the market will bear.

__________________________________________________ ______

Try another scoundrel, Ge****e.

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