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1 23rd December 02:26
tiny human ferret
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Default Turning up the Heat (democrats)

Here's a request for all of our regulars!

Please, in all _substantive_ posts, please use the following three groups.


If it degenerates into pointless bickering, lt it go or drop the headers.
Please try to keep things on target, provable, direct, concise,
to-the-point, and be RELENTLESS.

We have vowed to make it absolutely impossible for any politician anywhere
to have any meeting, public appearance, or any sort of progress until and
unless they -- as the very first order of the agenda -- declare their

Republicans or Democrats must be allowed no place whatsoever online or off
where they can carry on any sort of business or promotion until they start
facing the issue and dealing with it.

We will be doing political grandstanding on a scale not seen since Monica
Lewinski hit the news. We don't want any politician anywhere talking about
anything except two things, the economy, and immigration issues. No
politician who is anything except vocally and absolutely opposed to illegal
immigration should be allowed to get a word in edgewise.

If you find yourself at a rally, ready to heckle, make sure to have a backup
or two with you. Whoever gets up and asks about the illegal-immigration
position of the candidate, when the candidate tries a brush-off, make them
have to eject you if you can't get them to state a position or recant lies
such as "we are a nation of immigrants". Yell something about "yeah, but
we're becoming a nation invaded, invaded by illegal aliens". When you get
thrown out, your backup jumps up and yells, "yeah, and we're being silenced
when we try to petition the government for redress! Candidate, do you
support the First Amendment? Now answer the question, what will you do to
stop the Invasion?" If the backup gets thrown out, the third party takes a
tape of it straight to the media and also back it up on the InterNet and
make sure that Tancredo and Drudge all hear about it.

But remember to crosspost. Be nice, be accurate, be relentless in not
allowing anyone to get anything done until this issue is addressed in such a
way that conveys the message to the political types: the majority of the
public has had enough of Invasion and wants something to be done.
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2 23rd December 02:27
marcus cato
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Default Turning up the Heat on Who?

Good advice Ferret, and for myself, I will comply. But I would
diffidently point out that Usenet is a trollish playground we indulge
ourselves with, most of the people who could really benefit from an
education on this issue don't suffer to hang here. Usenet is more a
perverse therapy than anything else - useful, but circular. Most of
the valuable discussions on this subject and others go on in blogs

I'm sure you know about that, but I'm feeling preachy, so let me speak
to those old Usenet denizens who aren't familiar with it.

Blogs (weblogs) are online journals of a sort (not BBs), which
typically allow commentary. Often their purpose is simply to comment
on published reports and articles.They have two charactoristics, among
others: They tend not to diverge so much from the issue on the header.
And they tend not to attract the trollish sort. Actually that second
quality follows somewhat from the first.

Some typical blogs

There are many, many others.

I get a personal kick out of this one, Julius Ceasar's daily warblog
on the progress of his Gallic Wars:

Google Toolbar provides a blog button that allows you to participate
in these discussions in a spiffy fashion:

However, it can become tedious surfing various WWW blogs to spy things
of interest. What you want is something like a usenet reader, but for
blogs. Here is one I use, a free beta, there are a few others:

I would point out that blogs are the sort of thing that American
Kernel was asking after when he first appeared. He gave up on a BB
idea and went with Usenet commentary, suffering psycho-trolls for his
effort. Now that blogs have rss feeds, which promote usenet-like
readers and wider audiences, anyone could do that.
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3 23rd December 02:27
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Default Turning up the Heat on Who? (democrats)

There is a considerable amount of good writing on this newsgroup; blogs
to me are a little bit too self centered.

The kernal and his family were threatened by one of the more obnoxious
messiahs' who come in and flood this newsgroup with their foreign
agenda. A similar messiah, but slightly more principled messianic
character has been on Tiny's case.

If they can link to your public information, like they did to the kernal
and tiny they can be annoying...but...really that's about it.

On an amusing note, I noticed that one of the messianic trolls, that was
pro-open borders and a big booster of illegal immigration has changed
his mind on alt.politics.democrats...))))))))))
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4 24th December 00:44
marcus cato
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Default Turning up the Heat on Who?

I've been so successful at filtering their backround noise, I'd almost
forgotten their existance. An appropriate fate, I assume they are
accustomed to it in private life.

Looking for who that might be, I don't recognise any candidates yet.
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5 24th December 00:44
graphic queen
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Default Turning up the Heat on Who?

What name does he go by in there?
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