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1 17th April 13:00
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Default What Congress Does Not Know about Enron and 9/11

What Congress Does Not Know about Enron and 9/11

It is time for Congress to face the truth: In order to give Enron one
last desperate chance to complete the Taliban pipeline and save itself
from bankruptcy, senior levels of US intelligence were ordered to keep
their eyes shut and their subordinates ignorant.

By Atty. John J. Loftus

First published May, 2003:

A captured Al Qaida do***ent reveals that US energy companies were
secretly negotiating with the Taliban to build a pipeline. The
do***ent was obtained by the FBI but was not allowed to be shared with
other agencies in order to protect Enron. Multiple sources confirm
that American law enforcement agencies were deliberately kept in the
dark and systematically prevented from connecting the dots before 9/11
in order to aid Enron's secret and immoral Taliban negotiations.

The suppressed Al Qaida do***ent tends to support recent claims of a
cover-up made by several mid-level intelligence and law enforcement
figures. Their ongoing terrorist investigations appear to have been
hindered during the same sensitive time period while the Enron
Corporation was still negotiating with the Taliban. An inadvertent
result of the Taliban pipeline cover-up was that the Taliban's friends
in Al Qaida were able to complete their last eight months of
preparations for 9/11 while the Enron secrecy block was still in

Although the latest order to block investigations allegedly resulted
from Enron's January 2002 appeal to Vice President **** Cheney, it
appears that there were at least three previous block orders, each
building upon the other, stretching back for decades and involving
both Republican and Democratic administrations.

The first block came in the 1970's, as a result of Congressional
reaction to domestic espionage against the anti-Vietnam war movement.
In a case of blatant over-reaction, the FBI placed all houses of
worship and religious charities off-limits for any surveillance
whatsoever unless there was independent probable cause. This meant
that all Mosques and other Muslim meeting places for terrorist groups
were effectively off limits until after a crime had been committed.
The block order was not lifted until last week by Atty. General

The second block order, in force since the 1980's, was against any
investigation that would embarrass the Saudi Royal family. Originally,
it was designed to conceal Saudi support for Muslim extremists
fighting against the Soviets in Afghanistan and Chechnya, but it went
too far. Oliver North noted in his autobiography, that every time he
tried to do something about terrorism links in the Middle East, he was
told to stop because it might embarrass the Saudis. This block remains
in place.

As the combined result of these two blocks, the Saudis were able to
fund middle eastern terrorists in complete secrecy during the 1990's
through a network of Muslim charities in Virginia, Tampa and Florida.
The Saudi funding network was targeted at the destruction of the State
of Israel and the obstruction of the Palestinian peace process.

The Saudi funding conduit has now been exposed and shut down by means
of a private lawsuit, Loftus vs. Sami Al Arian, which is currently
pending in Hillsborough County, Florida. The lawsuit, filed on March
20, 2002, influenced the government into raiding the Saudi charities
in Herndon, Virginia, a few hours later.

After filing the Al-Arian lawsuit, Attorney Loftus began to receive
very detailed do***ents and information about a third block: a
prohibition on investigations concerning the Taliban. In the early
1990's, a consortium of American oil companies (lead by Unocal) had
hired Enron to determine the profitability of building an oil and gas
pipeline across Afghanistan so that America could have access to the
Caspian Sea Basin, holding 1/8th of the worlds energy supplies.

There is no doubt that these secret negotiations existed, and that
they were known to Al Qaida. Loftus recently received an FBI
translation of a highly classified and encrypted Al Qaida do***ent,
circa 1997-1998, which was retrieved and decrypted from a computer
laptop following the Embassy bombing in Africa. The do***ent was

supposedly secret pipeline negotiations, and their potential economic
worth to the Taliban, Pakistan and the U.S.

Former Afghanistan CIA agent Robert Baer has recently published a book
charging that the cover-up of the 1990's pipeline negotiations
revealed extensive financial corruption inside the Clinton
administration, and contributed to the lack of intelligence before
9/11. The Taliban negotiations temporarily collapsed in 1999 after
Clinton reversed his NSC advisor's policy, and ordered a missile
strike against terrorists in Afghanistan.

However, in January 2001, Vice President Cheney allegedly reinstated
the intelligence block and expanded it to effectively preclude any
investigations whatsoever of Saudi-Taliban-Afghan oil connections.
Former FBI counter-terrorism chief John O'Neill resigned from the FBI
in disgust, stating that he was ordered not to investigate Saudi-Al
Qaida connections because of the Enron pipeline deal. Loftus has
confirmed that it was O'Neill who originally discovered the AL Qaida
pipeline memo after the Embassy bombings in Africa.

O'Neill gave an overview of the Enron block to two French authors who
will soon be publishing in the United States. The FBI is currently
investigating Loftus' links to John O'Neill, and is also refusing FBI
agent Robert Wright permission to publish his own findings about the
Enron block.

Loftus asserts that the Enron block, which remained in force from
January 2001 until August 2001 when the pipeline deal collapsed, is
the reason that none of FBI agent Rowley's requests for investigations
were ever approved. As numerous British and French authors have
concluded, the information provided by European intelligence sources
prior to 9/11 was so extensive, that it is no longer possible for
either CIA or the FBI to assert a defense of incompetence.

It is time for Congress to face the truth: In order to give Enron one
last desperate chance to complete the Taliban pipeline and save itself
from bankruptcy, senior levels of US intelligence were ordered to keep
their eyes shut and their subordinates ignorant.

The Enron cover-up confirms that 9/11 was not an intelligence failure
or a law enforcement failure (at least not entirely). Instead, it was
a foreign policy failure of the highest order. If Congress ever
combines its Enron investigation with 9/11, Cheney's whole house of
cards will collapse.

As a former federal prosecutor, John Loftus had an insider's knowledge
of high level intelligence operations, including obstruction of
Congressional investigations. Loftus resigned from the Justice
Department in 1981 to expose how the intelligence community had
recruited Nazi war criminals and then concealed the files from
Congressional subpoena. After appearing on an Emmy Award winning
segment of 60 Minutes, Loftus has spent the next two decades writing
histories of intelligence cover-ups, and serving as an unpaid lawyer
helping other whistleblowers inside US intelligence.

Copyright: John Loftus.
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