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1 16th April 18:16
tazmanian devil
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Default You've got some cleaning to do in your own backyard

as usual fahc gets it wrong yet again. Ohio not only BALANCED our
books, but is over 180 Million in the Black. California on the other
hand is farther in the hole then the COMBINED state deficits of the
other 49 states!

Again, when california comes begging for a handout for the dummycrats
screwing up their economy...the US Treasury should tell them to take a
hike unless some things are changed very quickly...

1. Desalination plants being built offshore so they can take water
directly from the Ocean and remove the salt and have all the water
they want without stealing it from the Colorado River and placing
Farms in danger of droughts (heck these idiots already have tried to
buy 250 million gallons of Great Lakes water a week and when they were
turned down because it would effect our economy here, they went to
Canada and tried to buy it there, only to be shut down yet again. Then
they went to the US Givernment to try and FORCE us to sell them our
water...only to have the Government shut them off a third time)

2. Allowing mining and drilling for oil

3. Get rid of the numbnuts that got California in this mess in the
first pace.

Seems like fahc should be taking his own advice instead of telling
others how to run their state. And if anyone thinks this mess in
California is not going to make sure that Bush gets a second
term...just look at these headlines from tomorrow's papers
"Democrats bankrupt California's Economy" or "How to take a $12
billion dollar valid surplus, and turn it into a $38 Billion dollar
deficit in 60 to 90 days" by Greyout Davis
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2 26th April 12:43
george grapman
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Default You've got some cleaning to do in your own backyard

Cite ,please. Oh, it's Raymond who make thing up as he goes along.

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