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1 6th March 20:17
External User
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Default Newbie question

I am new to file maker. SO please pardon my ignorance. I have a few

1. Are the templates that come with the filemaker pro web ready? I.e
can i just publish them and get everyone on the office to user them?
What the additional licenses required and how do I activate

2. If I have five users now using Filemaker pro database on individual
machines. How can I consolidate the data into one file, so that I can
use the db on a sever?

3. I understand it possible to share the database without using the
file sever. What are the disadvantages of this? I am certain there
must be otherwise the server program wouldn't have been created.

Thanks you in advance

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2 6th March 20:18
b collins
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Default Newbie question

One additional thing: Be sure none of the machines on the network has a
FileMaker file with the same name as any of the shared files. Violating
this rule can lead to major data corruption before you know it.

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