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1 9th June 11:31
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Default db_load from vxworks

Hi All,

I am using version 4.2.52 for vxworks & windows. Here is my scenario:

I want to generate the database "offline" (meaning that I generate the
database not on vxworks), copy the dump file onto the vxworks
compactflash, and do a db_load to generate the database file.

I've created the database file on windows and then dumped the database
using db_dump. It finishes successfully. I copy the dump file into the
vxworks environment and try to run the db_load utility on it. This is
the error that occurs:

vxworks -> db_load "-f database.dump database.db"
db_load: line 2: unexpected format
value = 1 = 0x1

Anyone have any idea what could be wrong? Is it a Vxworks/Windows file
format error? Both PCs i'm using are intel so endianess is probably
not an issue. Could ^M's that occur during file transfers cause this?
Is there any way to show more debug information?

Here is the first couple of lines from the database file i am trying
to load:
2: format=bytevalue
3: database=AdvisoryText
4: type=btree
5: db_pagesize=1024

One question that I had looked around for an answer was whether or not
I could directly transfer over the database file from one platform to
another without doing a dump. Since there was the dump utility, i
figured that this was not possible and I would just use the dump/load

Anyways, any sugguestions/information in solving this problem would be

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2 9th June 11:31
External User
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Default db_load from vxworks

Unfortunately db_load does not have a verbose or debug option.
However, the ^Ms could definitely cause this error. If you have them,
I expect this is causing your error.

If you are transferring between the same version of DB and to the same
endianness you can just directly transfer the database (I am assuming by your
description you don't have an environment or log files for recovery to worry
about in this case).

Sue LoVerso
Sleepycat Software
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