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1 4th May 11:32
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Default 16 bit QuickBooks

I am still running version 5 under win-os2. Trouble is finding a win-os2
compatible printer for the reports my accountant wants ........

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2 4th May 11:32
r. g. newbury
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Default 16 bit QuickBooks

Further to Doug's suggestion, you could use a similar work-around by
installing PMPDF (available at under 'Projects > System

PMPDF is a port driver. You configure a 'junk' postscript printer
which 'talks' to the port driver. When you print you check the 'Print
to File' checkbox (on the print properties page and give a file name).
The output is a PDF File, which Ghostscript (or Adobe) can print, or
which you can e-mail.

For printing from Win-OS2 you probably will have to set up another
printer instance aimed at something like LPT2 and then re-direct that
to the printer you have the PMPDF driver set up with. DOS and Win-OS2
programs do not seem to like printing to anything but a port which
they can recognize (but they are oblivious to the re-direction which
OS2 carries out in the background).


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3 4th May 11:32
External User
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Default 16 bit QuickBooks

I found PMPDF a bit flaky, and I'm not sure it worked well from

In the end I adopted by current approach. Use a generic PostScript
driver to print to a file, then use GhostScript to convert to PDF.

At the time there was only a UNIX shell script included to call
GhostScript in the 'right' way, and I converted that to REXX. I expect
there is a REXX version by now, but if not I can always provide mine.
Bob Eager
rde at
PC Server 325*4; PS/2s 9585, 8595, 9595*2, 8580*3,
P70, PC/AT..
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