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1 2nd May 16:29
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Default ( picoVerse-:( 86v2 ) )

( original format-:
( POSITION-: 116@0 EXTENT-: 523@768 IN-: 1024@768 )
( FONT-: Times New Roman SIZE-: 11 BOLD-: on )

( picoVerse- 86v2 ) )

Was it the proud full sail of its late verse,
Bound for the prize of (all too precious) you,
That did my ripe thoughts in my brain inhearse,
Making their tomb the womb wherein they grew?
Was it its spirit, by spirits taught to write,
Above a mortal pitch, that struck me dead?
No, neither it, nor its compeers by night
Giving it aid, my verse astonished.
It nor those affable familiar hosts
Which nightly gull it with intelligence,
As victors of my silence cannot boast,
I was not sick of any fear from thence.
When: Keep gate to this great, crabbed up its line,
Then thinned i to air, and tapped dry its vine.

Gate keep to great, that old forgotten trap,
Late budding furthest grows from grounded fact,
( Stems: its own :Attacks ), sours its mother sap,
Leaves no limb undried, leaves no death untapped.
Termination's long lasts, would not stay dead,
Now Black knight Calls to the grate: "None Shall Pass",
Defence then strong against :V's angel fed ,
Now Deaf age Walls on fire bray: "(-donkey's ass)".
"(Give up the dead, Andromeda the key)",
Confusion's fog of war, wild wasteful sea,
No I can do this : it's time's up edged plea,
Can't stand cold finish, heat must always flee. :
What the heck am i doing here : snuff's sigh,
Grants Heave hoe to all: Flys its next too high.

The Gate ringed round with battlements on fire,
Deaf Walls confused can't Black knight out, Once V
Fed Walls: speed of c :forget now higher
Brown fused munitions: " The Gate loosed cut free " .
( Instead
) andromeda the key )find it )
theSecond i have it )turnIt i quick ),
Admit, Time's up, Give up heat's Perfect fit,
Then heat finds more fuel: resistance doth quit.
Its fuel tapped out, heat must to new Fly
Its flag of flame high from next Funeral,
Pire Unwilling to hear its end tick nigh,
Turns from its end: and gives next fuel its All.
Whispers: It's me you love, really , -not her,
: Let me then fuel her :stay mine, mine secure.

: Mark: she loves you little tri divided,
: It's me she loves, can love platonica dyed.

: Her Ariel, Her nightly blown third eye,
: c speed: Gate loosed cut free r watch me die.

How long must i be thy slave :quoth it i,
: Till you can see me, touch me, and not get high.
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