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1 20th March 02:50
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Default Arcserve restore question

Strictly not a NetWare problem I fear, but I wonder if anyone can shed
any light:

I need to restore some files from over a year ago that are on tape.
Arcserve hasn't changed, but NetWare and NDS have (from 5.0 and NDS 7 to
5.1 and Edirectory 8.7).

Whilst I can merge the tape, the restore fails with an "unable to read
interleaving session" error. CA's wonderful (not) support suggests doing
a full device restore to get around this, but I tried that and it
started to restore an old version of our NDS tree - not a good idea!

Anyone any tips?


Nick @ noslow . org . uk
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2 20th March 02:50
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Default Arcserve restore question

Assuming you have something like Arcserve 6.x or 7. What I usually do
is just to scan the tape to find out in what session the file is
backed up. If you do a full backup, the NDS tree is most likely
session #1, than following SYS and other volumes. After the scan I do
a restore by session or media and define an include directory filter
to restore the directory in which the files were.
Hope this helpes.
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