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1 20th January 11:50
gilbert chang
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Default basic_string specialization problem

The standard C++ library does not seem to pre-instantiate the basic_string
specialization with unsigned short. I couldn't manually get g++ to
instantiate it either. The problem can be reproduced with the following
code. This is with g++ v3.2. Any idea? Thanks.

#include <string>

typedef unsigned short Chr;

typedef std::basic_string<Chr, std::char_traits<Chr>, std::allocator<Chr> >

int main(void) {

unsigned short c = 0x1234;

ustring s(&c);

ustring s2 = s;

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2 20th January 11:50
erik max francis
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Default basic_string specialization problem

Why do you think it should? The reason traits and allocators exist is
precisely so that you can define those things yourself. If you want
something other than std::basic_string<char> or
std::basic_string<wchar_t>, you're going to have to define the traits

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