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1 21st April 09:12
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Default CSS layout troubles (

Hi there,

I've been told a bug with MSIE might be the cause of my troubles - so
wonder if you people could shed some light onto this?!!

I've designed <> with the layouts in
an external stylesheet <>,
however there's a few technical troubles I'm hoping someone might be
able to help me with:

1) I've tried adding tables within the main body or wrapping off the
edge at 550 or something, but when I do this if the browser is any
less than the set resolution the blue bar at the top cuts off. So at
the mo the site looks crap on large reslutions as the text spreads
right across the screen, and also the picture layouts get messed up.
Any ideas?!! (I'll create another style sheet to demonstrate if don't
see what I mean).

2) Reload the front page, move the curser down to the
Copyright/Contact links, and the bottom of the picture aligned at the
same height as the links DISAPPEARS. Haven't got a clue what's
happening here (it's the same on some other pages).

3) Any general improvements/changes you think I should make?

Note the site's in its early stages of development, a lot of links
don't work and it's a bit of a mess at the moment because I'm waiting
for extra content to add, but you get the idea!

Would definetely appreciate your help and feedback!


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