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1 21st July 23:14
moore works
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Default Force Pervasive log out?

Overnight we run a Kewill MAX MRP Calculation, which sometimes
experiences problems if people are still logged into MAX. Does anyone
know a method to automatically force a logout from MAX, or forcibly
close a Pervasive connection?

Thanks in advance!
Patrick Henderson
Moore Works
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2 21st July 23:14
bill bach
External User
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Default Force Pervasive log out?

You didn't mention the database version or platform. If you have Btrieve
6.15 or Pervasive.SQL V7, your best bet is to shut down the services with
a command script. This can be scheduled with CRON on NetWare or Linux,
and the AT scheduler on WinNT/2000.

If you have the newer Pervasive.SQL 2000i or Pervaisve.SQL V8, you can use
my KillUser utility, available for free on my website. This disconnects
all users from the database in a single command, that can be run from any
Win32 environment with the Pervasive client or server.

KillUser is a subset of the more powerful and flexible PSCONFIG utility,
which also offers a way to selectively disconnect users by file in use, by
network address, and more. It also offers a way to monitor your database
completely from a command line, or even from a CGI-based scripting tool
for web-based administration.
Goldstar Software Inc.
Building on Btrieve(R) for the Future(SM)
Bill Bach
*** Pervasive.SQL Service & Support Classes ***
Chicago: March, 2004: See our web site for details!
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