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1 18th April 15:43
dario de judicibus
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Default How to create NON scalable text?

One of the advantages of Flash with respect HTML pages is the ability to
scale graphics. One of the disatvantage is the ability to scale text. Let me

Assume you have a scalable Flash site, that is, as the user changes the
browser window size, the Flash site size changes too. In such a way the usr
can take advantage of wider screens. However text is enlarged too. If your
text is dynamic (embedded fonts) and/or uploaded from an HTML file
(embedded=true in CSS), there is probably only one or two sizes where text
looks fine. In all other cases, even if you use aliasing, it looks ugly.

In HTML, as soon as you change browser windows size, text reflows, but it
does not change of size. The only way to do that in Flash would be to have
an iframe of sort inside your movieclip, but this is impossible. At least, I
never find a way to do it.

So the point is: is there a way to create non scalable text inside a
scalable movie clip?

Dr. Dario de Judicibus - Italy (EU)
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