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1 13th March 02:40
External User
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Default IP configuration

Hi, I'm a new Minix 3 user, I need some help to configure my static IP
Address. I tryed with the command:

/usr/bin/ifconfig -I /dev/ip0 -h x.x.x.x -n x.x.x.x

and it works perfect, but which files do I need to modify to disable
DHCP and configure my Static IP Address?

I need an example if is possible.

Geffrey Velasquez
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2 15th March 16:33
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Default IP configuration schreef:

The dhcpd daemon is started in /usr/etc/rc. Just comment out the line
where it's started. Replace it with the call to ifconfig.
Alternatively, put the ifconfig command in /usr/etc/
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3 30th March 03:51
External User
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Default IP Configuration

I'm having a problem setting the IP Addresses on my network. First, is this
diagram the best way to set it up?
Second, should I use my server as a NAT router or the VPN router? Any
suggestions would be appreciated.
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4 30th March 03:52
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Default IP Configuration

Your question is very vague and references a diagram that we cannot see.
If the diagram is on a web page somewhere, please include the URL.

In general terms, you should use private IP addressing on your internal
network. Whether or not to use a Server to perform NAT depends on what
function the server has. If it is an ISA / RRAS server, it is a common
role to also function as a NAT server. If it is a file server or domain
controller, it's better not to use it for that purpose, or to give it
any more exposure to the Internet than it needs to perform it's primary
functions. You can buy a router that will handle NAT for up to 254
stations for under $50 US. You can buy a full-fledged firewall/vpn
appliance for under $200.

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