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1 21st November 14:39
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Default Keeping Button Pressed In

I'm new to IDL but have some experience in programming. I'm trying to
recreate the MS Paint/Adobe Photoshop metaphor with my application
through a series of image buttons. Basically, I want one button to
stay pressed down, signifying the "mode" the application is in. Is
this possible with widget_button's using the /bitmap keyword? I
realize I could throw something up with radio buttons to achieve the
same functionality, but I really think the pressed image buttons is a
more elegant solution.

If not possible, are there any workarounds? I tried using two
different images, one to make it look like it's pressed. But the
widget_button has too much padding between the image and the border of
the button to make it "look" like it's pressed. I couldn't figure out
a way around this either.

Any help would be greatly appreciated.

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