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1 30th April 08:32
External User
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Default need help with vertical (columnar) datasheets

Hi All,

I'd like to include a datasheet on my user interface but since I'm
starting to run tight on space, I'd like to have a vertically-oriented
datasheet (column 1 has labels, column 2 has values), i.e. a
transposed datasheet or datasheet in column format. A vertical
datasheet will look cleaner, eliminate the need to scroll across (for
miles) and lay out bit more efficiently since I have some long labels.

It seems like Access only allows for horizontal datasheets. I can't
figure out how to make a datasheet orient in the vertical direction,
as in columns.

If a solution can maintain bound fields and controls that would be
great so that my users can use "find in form" feature rather than
trying to teach them query builder. At this point, I'm open to
hearing any and all suggestions.

Can anybody help?

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2 30th April 08:32
larry linson
External User
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Default need help with vertical (columnar) datasheets

If this is an application you are distributing to users, it would be a much
better idea to give them a form. There's just too much that a user can
accidentally do wrong with datasheet view, even if they aren't doing it

If you need to transform your data for it to be intelligibly displayed, then
chances are that you might need to redesign your tables to make it easier to
work with. The design of your tables sounds as if it may not adhere to good
relational database design principles, and those aren't just arbitrary --
they really do make it easier to work with the data.

Larry Linson
Microsoft Access MVP
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