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1 25th April 05:44
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Default Need some advice making a picture CD

I was just asked for some advice by a friend of mine, who is using WinXP
and I actually didn't really know, what to say :-(

She wants to scan family photos and put them on a CD for their siblings,
kids and grand kids, so that they can just pop-in the CD in a computer's
CD drive (does it also work with standalone DVD players?) and then can
select out of a hierarchical structure, pictures of which topic they want
to look at and navigate around.

They should first be displayed as thumbnails with a description, what the
pic is about and when you then click on one, it should be shown full size,
but still show the description.

So how can this be done, ideally platform independent and what kind of
skills/programs/tools are required, to actually do it, either on WinXP or

Anybody already done something like that?

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2 25th April 05:44
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Default Need some advice making a picture CD

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