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1 21st May 16:48
mr. x
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Default newbie on Java Server

What is the roles for Java server (WebLogic) :

1) What navigator is preffered - Explorer or Netscape ? - What version ?
2) In ASP there is "Microsoft.XMLDOM" object to do some manipulation between
XMLs - What is the class in JSP ?
3) In ASP(x) there is ADO.NET or OleDB for accessing the database - How can
I access the database in JSP ?
4) In ASPX there is WebService - How can I do that in JSP ?
5) What protocols are used in Java platform, and not in ASPx ?
6) What protocols are used in Java platform and also in ASPx ?
7) In Windows platform there is IIS - What is in JSPs ?
8) What are the benefits of Java platform, against windows Platform ?
9) For .NET there is web.config to configure some autorization roles, and
some admin declarations - How can I do that in Java Server ?
10) If you look in the site - it is good place to
learn on windows web - Is there any good site that explains in brief and
good, like this site I've mentioned - for Java Server ?

12) What is JVM ?
13) Is there any newsgroup server for BEA comany (WEBLogic) ?
14) Answer what you can, please. I need also some code sample, please.

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2 21st May 16:49
david rabinowitz
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Default newbie on Java Server

I prefer Mozilla (now 1.4). It faster then IE and has nice features you
might find helpful like JavaScript debugging.

look at the javax.xml.* packages. The DOM itself is a package from w3 (all
supplied with JDK 1.4)

It is called JDBC.

You don't use JSP to make WebServices - there is Sun's Web Service Developer
pack and Apache Axis (which I think WebLogic uses)

What do you mean by protocols? I'm not familiar with .net, but Java gives
you HTTP, Mail and more

Here you have many - Tomcat (OS), JBoss (OS), Jetty (OS), WebLogic,
WebSphere and on and on. Some come free of charge as they are open source.

You can run you application on every platform that supports Java (today it
means almost on any operating system) and verity of IDEs (includinf free
ones - eclipse, netbeans, jedit) and vendors.

Each server with its own method. search for do***entation.

Not like w3schools, but certainly a must:,

Not as far as I know. However, it is widely used.

Java files are compiled to an intermidiate laguage called bytecode. JVM
(Java virtual machine) runs this bytecode. It is ****og to .net CLR and it's runtime.

serach google for that ...

In you can find sample applications.

You are welcome

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