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1 7th April 01:32
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Default Pass forms authentication to downstream sharepoint server

We use a .NET web application on one server that is using basic integrated
authentication and therefore getting the windows prompt for domain
credentials. These credentials are then passed to a sharepoint server so the
user can access certain do***ents, etc. We want to change the web app to use
..NET forms authentication so we can get rid of the ugly windows prompt. My
question is if using the forms based domain authentication will still work in
passing those credentials to the sharepoint server. Is there any literature
that specifically outlines this? I want to know how much code needs to be
changed using the forms based auth instead of the windows prompt. I would
think it doesn't matter much since they are still entering their domain
credentials, just in a nicer and more secure method. Your thoughts or
experiences would be greatly appreciated as we really need the forms
authentication instead of the windows prompt.
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