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1 1st March 07:31
stan goodman
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Default "@penMail" webmail interface; Positronic Design mail manager

Is anyone familiar with this webmail interface and this mail manager?
I'm asking here first because I frequent these groups; the next step
would be to venture into Linux groups -- alien territory for me.

This is the interface offered by the server that hosts my domain. I
have the Mail Manager account set to forward mail to my ISP account,
and also to retain it on the webmail interface, which I inspect at
least once a day before deleting all the retained messages.

I have observed that some messages that are forwarded (I see them in
Polarbar) are not visible in the webmail interface. These are not all
spam and other crap; I know for a fact that important personal
messages haven't been displayed there. I can only guess how many good
messages I have lost into this black hole.

The webmail interface has a filter system, which sounds a great
advantage; I am not convinced that it is at all effective. These
filters claim to inspect incoming mail for forged From addresses,
etc., but I have received LOTS of crap these days that claims to be
from Microsoft, Morgan-Stanley, for example. Then there are lots of
rules for rejecting messages based on sender, subject, or content. ALL
these rules are read only, so that I can't experiment with them;
actually, I don't think they do much that I am not already doing in
Polarbar filters. If I were able, I would do experiments to find if
there is some interaction of these filters with the non-display
problem described in the paragraph above. But of course I cannot.

Filters or not, I claim that there is no reasonable behavior that can
explain how it comes about that a message that got through the filters
well enough to be relayed to my ISP failed to also be retained in the
webmail interface; as far as I can see, it is a bug, period.

FWIW, @penMail is a freeware Linux application. Apparently the owners
of the server got what they paid for.

If someone can see another explanation for the failure to display
messages that must have passed muster with the filters, I would be
very pleased to hear it. If this is something that I can't do anything
about, I will, of course, move my domain to another server, making
certain first that it is using different software.

Stan Goodman
Qiryat Tiv'on

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