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1 21st May 02:47
jim mac
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Default Record Key - GUID

Hi all,

I am using VB6/ ADO/ Access 2000 on a win 98 machine

I am building an order entry app and I am using a guid as a record key
my table looks like this;


* OrdersKey guid
OrderNo long auto number
OrderDate date

and so on

I am using the guid because I can store it and save myself some
round trips to the database should I need it further down the line.

However, I still need to provide the user with a reference number
and I may wish to use it with child tables like OrderDetails.

This app will also be used in a multi user environment.

I tried coding against a control table from which I could retrieve the next
available OrderNumber
using a max function. However, in a multi user environment I would get
I also can not increment a control table until the order is updated.

Anyone know of a technique to manage numbering?

Any ideas greatly appreciated.

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