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1 12th March 13:14
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Default Scale loadMovie SWF file

Hi, I have an image that's 1mb, which is too large to put in the flash file, so I want to reduce it's size by 50% and link it through loadmovie(). but i also want the image to be displayed at its original size when loaded, so i would have to scale it to 200%. How would i scale the loadmovie image?
how would i know that the image is loaded before i scale the movieclip object, if thats what im supposed to do?
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2 12th March 13:15
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Default Scale loadMovie SWF file

You can only reduce the filesize by changing the image in Photoshop for instance and resave it. And then import it to Flash.

The initial dimensions can be put in the first frame of this movie .


Then you dont have to worry abot when its loaded or not.

Then depending on if you load the image swf into a level or target movieclip you can change the size with


// Target movieclip


- Pelle Piano
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