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1 18th April 15:43
alx zak
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Default site in progress ... any comments appreciated

I'll give it a go

I think it looks pretty good. I can se you have spendt a great deal of time
on it and I think it deserves a little more, before you go public.

Well.. I'll just start and think aloud. but this is my personal oppinion
based on my own work and my education in information science.

Lets start with the Main-screen.
Your name must be visible at all time. You made the page to promote your
company and it gets a bit to much after a while.
You can use the animation, when users clicks on a button or as a intro. But
not looping.
The music is a bit too much to. Maybe you can make it a bit more easy to
listen to and edit it, so it loops? Or make more than one loop and make
flash pick the loops randomly, creating its own song!

There is a bit to much going on, on the same time. Use animation to control
the users attention. Move the "radio signal animation" down to the menu and
"show" the user the buttons he or she can push. Users usually knows where
their mouse is.
I really like the picture, but it looks like something you'll see in a
museum. I doubt you want your users to think that about your high-tech
recording studio. Maybe you can make it somewhat different, maybe something
a bit more record-studio'ish.

The back button is fine, maybe you could make it a bit smaller.
I really dont like the blue dot flying around the text. It makes it hard to
Try to find a few colours you use all the time, not blue, then purple. It
makes it look more as a one site.
Scroll buttons activates when your mouse is over. I think thats a bad idea.
you can't really control the text with that. They are a bit far from the
text, I was almost thinking what they were for.

The same as above. But the scroll button is now turbo-scroll buttons. REALLY

Dont use those buttons, when you can make you own
And dont mix that kind of humor with business.. It was pretty funny, but
place it on you own website. Keep it proffesional
Integrate the contact form in your design, maybe also the forum. I dont know
how much time you got.

Same as the about screen.
But now with new fonts? Stick to few fonts. One for your logo, one for menu
and one ordenary for the dunamic text.
But what has links have to do with news?
And what is the difference between services, beat catalog and music?
Maybe you can make one catagory and put all three in it?

But there is a lot of good stuff going on there. Just use it to you benifit
and not to show of your flash skills. But dont worrie, we have all been on
that road.

Hope you can use it and i made myself understandable. Otherwise feel free to
contact me by email.

Keep it up, you're almost there

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