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1 5th May 03:13
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Default SSRT3653 Bind 8.1.2

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Originally issued: 30 November 2003
SSRT3653 Bind 8.1.2

NOTICE: There are no restrictions for distribution of this
Bulletin provided that it remains complete and intact.

The information in the following Security Bulletin should be
acted upon as soon as possible. Hewlett-Packard Company will
not be liable for any consequences to any customer resulting
from customer's failure to fully implement instructions in this
Security Bulletin as soon as possible.


PROBLEM: Potential security vulnerability in Bind 8.1.2.

PLATFORM: HP-UX B.11.00 and B.11.11.

IMPACT: Potential remotely exploitable denial of service.

SOLUTION: Until a product upgrade is available, download and
install appropriate preliminary updates or upgrade
to Bind 9.2.0.

B.11.11 - Install the preliminary depot:
B.11.00 - A Bind 8.1.2 upgrade is available from
the ftp site listed below.

The issue can be avoided by upgrading to
Bind 9.2.0 which is available now. The security
bulletin HPSBUX0208-209 has details about required
revisions of Bind 9.2.0 for B.11.00 and B.11.11.

B.11.11 - Install SSRT3653UX.depot.
or upgrade to Bind 9.2.0.
B.11.00 - Upgrade to Bind 9.2.0 or
install BIND812v005.depot.

AVAILABILITY: This bulletin will be revised when a patch
is available for B.11.11.

A. Background
The potential for a remotely exploitable denial of service
exists in Bind 8.1.2.


The following is a list by HP-UX revision of
affected filesets and the fileset revision or
patch containing the fix. To determine if a
system has an affected version, search the
output of "swlist -a revision -l fileset"
for an affected fileset, then determine if
a fixed revision or the applicable patch is

HP-UX B.11.11
fix: install SSRT3653UX.depot or
upgrade to Bind 9.2.0.

HP-UX B.11.00
fix: upgrade to BIND-812 revision B. or
upgrade to Bind 9.2.0.


B. Recommended solution

The issue can be avoided by upgrading to
Bind 9.2.0 which is available now. The security
bulletin HPSBUX0208-209 has details about required
revisions of Bind 9.2.0 for B.11.00 and B.11.11.

HP-UX B.11.00 Bind 8.1.2
BIND812 for B.11.00 has been discontinued. It will
become obsolete by the end of March, 2004. A new
version of BIND812 for B.11.00 has been created to
address the issue of this bulletin. However, it is
recommended that customers upgrade to Bind 9.2.0 now.
More details can be found here:


The new version of BIND812 for B.11.00 is available from
the ftp site listed below. Since BIND812 for B.11.00 has
been discontinued, this version will not be available

HP-UX B.11.11 Bind 8.1.2

Until a patch is available a temporary depot has been created
to install a version of /usr/sbin/named which addresses the
issue. The depot is available from the ftp site listed
below. The depot will not install the new named file unless
PHNE_28450 has been installed first. PHNE_28450 is available
from <>.

================================================== =======

For B.11.00 download BIND812v005.depot from the
following ftp site.

For B.11.11 download SSRT3653UX.depot from the
following ftp site.

System: (
Login: bind812
Password: bind812

FTP Access:
or: ftp://bind:bind1@
For B.11.11 - file: SSRT3653UX.depot
For B.11.00 - file: BIND812v005.depot

Note: There is an ftp defect in IE5 that may result in
a browser hang. To work around this:
- Select Tools -> Internet Options -> Advanced
- Un-check the option:
[ ] Enable folder view for FTP sites

If you wish to verify the md5 sum please refer to:

Patch sums and the MD5 program

For B11.00 - BIND812v005.depot
cksum: 1413515727 1239040 BIND812v005.depot
MD5 (BIND812v005.depot) = 333920fa1b74820bee15f2287bacc3c2

For B.11.11 - SSRT3653UX.depot
cksum: 509054485 389120 SSRT3653UX.depot
MD5 (SSRT3653UX.depot) = ee96c169ec3712d5907b7fe983d108dc

For B.11.00 - Install BIND812v005.depot using swinstall.

For B.11.11 - Install SSRT3653UX.depot using swinstall
after PHNE_28450 has been installed.

Further information is available in the readme file:
cd <directory containing SSRT3653UX.depot>
swlist -d -l product -a readme @ $PWD/SSRT3653UX.depot

- ------------------------------------------------------------------

C. To subscribe to automatically receive future NEW HP Security
Bulletins from the HP IT Resource Center via electronic
mail, do the following:

Use your browser to get to the HP IT Resource Center page

Use the 'Login' tab at the left side of the screen to login
using your ID and password. Use your existing login or the
"Register" button at the left to create a login, in order to
gain access to many areas of the ITRC. Remember to save the
User ID assigned to you, and your password.

In the left most frame select "Maintenance and Support".

Under the "Notifications" section (near the bottom of
the page), select "Support Information Digests".

To -subscribe- to future HP Security Bulletins or other
Technical Digests, click the check box (in the left column)
for the appropriate digest and then click the "Update
Subscriptions" button at the bottom of the page.


To -review- bulletins already released, select the link
(in the middle column) for the appropriate digest.

To -gain access- to the Security Patch Matrix, select
the link for "The Security Bulletins Archive". (near the
bottom of the page) Once in the archive the third link is
to the current Security Patch Matrix. Updated daily, this
matrix categorizes security patches by platform/OS release,
and by bulletin topic. Security Patch Check completely
automates the process of reviewing the patch matrix for
11.XX systems.

For information on the Security Patch Check tool, see:

The security patch matrix is also available via anonymous

On the "Support Information Digest Main" page:
click on the "HP Security Bulletin Archive".

D. To report new security vulnerabilities, send email to

Please encrypt any exploit information using the
security-alert PGP key, available from your local key
server, or by sending a message with a -subject- (not body)
of 'get key' (no quotes) to


(c) Copyright 2003 Hewlett-Packard Company
Hewlett-Packard Company shall not be liable for technical or
editorial errors or omissions contained herein. The information
in this do***ent is subject to change without notice.
Hewlett-Packard Company and the names of HP products referenced
herein are trademarks and/or service marks of Hewlett-Packard
Company. Other product and company names mentioned herein may be
trademarks and/or service marks of their respective owners.

__________________________________________________ ______________

Version: PGP 8.0.2

iQA/AwUBP8oPruAfOvwtKn1ZEQJTlwCg2y1qe8rZiKbUPHuCPkFbII hVaPkAnja2

Yours truly,
HP S/W Security Team
WTEC Cupertino, California

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