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1 14th March 05:51
External User
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Default swpruncmd() and winXP

I am using swpruncmd for the first time.Till now I used run command as
I ran my prog like


in the program I have

cPDataDir := "\info4\06\pt06"
cChgdir := "cd"+cPDataDir
run (cChgDir)
? FT_DEFAULT() + ":\" + CURDIR() + "\" // new path ->

instead of above I changed my prog as follows


Success := swpruncmd(cChgDir)
IF (!success)
? "Swap failed"
majerr = SWPERRMAJ()
minerr = SWPERRMIN()
? "Error codes :", majerr, minerr
clear all
clos all
? "Swap succeeded"
? "Errorlevel :", SWPERRLEV()
? FT_DEFAULT() + ":\" + CURDIR() + "\" // new path ->

after running above I got

"Swap succeeded"
"Errorleve : 0"

but the path remaind at e:\info4\
Pls advice what mistake I am commiting
my os is w98

secondly I am planning to moving to winXP.I have heard it does not have
facility.If it is so how do we compile and run applications compiled in
clipper ?

Rajeev Chavan
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2 14th March 09:14
andreas moroder
External User
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Default swpruncmd() and winXP

rpc schrieb:

Because the "cd" is executed in a command shell that ends after the cd
This has no effect to the command line you clipper app is running.

Who told you that ?
I have Xp and are compiling and running clipper programs every day.

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3 14th March 09:14
stephen quinn
External User
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Default swpruncmd() and winXP


Why are you using SwpRunCmd() to just change directories??
Why not use FT_CHDIR() that's in nanfor library.

When you swap out to another DOS session you get a NEW shell which the commands
you send are executed in, when finished running your commands that shell closes
and your back into you apps shell and any/all changes you made to the
environment disappear.

That's crap - it's the new 64bit versions of windows that don't have DOS.

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4 14th March 12:43
External User
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Default swpruncmd() and winXP

Hi Andreas and Stephen
Thanks for explanation.As I said I was using swpruncmd() for the first
time and thought using it for "cd" was the easiest.But as you have
adviced I will usr FT_CHDIR().

With Best Wishes
Rajeev Chavan
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5 22nd March 13:40
@hotmail.cow (flip the w)
External User
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Default swpruncmd() and winXP

I have an application that use swpruncmd() to send an FTP message via
the DOS prompt. It's working well under Win98 but fail under WinXP.

It's not back in focus after the DOS prompt is closed, the first app is
left in the task bar...

By the way, it's a full screen app.

Any idea, thanks.

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6 25th February 04:57
Mombu User
Join Date: Feb 2010
Location: Ukraine
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nicolas2008 is on a distinguished road
Default Re: swpruncmd() and winXP

Please help me!
I need to run a dos program with size 2Mb (on XP).
Can i do this using swpruncmd()?
Or maybe there is better way?

Sorry for my English.
Thank you.
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