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1 28th October 04:27
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Default Video problem part deus

Posted a question here a few days ago about a video problem I was Having
playing 3D games. After trial and error we came to the conclussion that it
was probably my overtaxed PSU. Well I bought a ThermaTake PurePower 480W
PSU. All of my voltages seem to be in order but I still have the problem. I
noticed that my video card was sharing an IRQ with my sound card. I switched
my sound card to another slot and it was given a new IRQ. No conflict. Still
have the original problem. I read a few hours ago that the Radeon 9200(And
the 9000 it replaced) were only DirectX 8.1 compliant. I am currently using
DirectX 9.0a. Could this be the problem? If so is there a way to revert to
DirectX 8.1? TIA for any help or insights.
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