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1 18th April 20:44
gblx news
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Default dhcp issue

I am running dhcp on a RH7.3 2.4.18 intel machine. I also have an NT4.0
file server/PDC with 60 users. I have an intermittent issue with a few
*specific* pcs (Win98) on the network: every now and then, I have to
manually renew their ip number using "winipcfg" from windows. When they try
to log on to the domain, the get ye olde "no domain server available". They
still have their ip number. Then when I renew, and log out/back in again,
all is well.

Another piece of this puzzle is that we recently moved into a new building .
I did NOT have this problem before. The only thing different in the new
building is new cabling, and new switches ( 3com 4400 ).

I've had one suggestion that it may be a WINS issue - can't verify that
because I did not have the problem before the move.

Any ideas?

-Drew M

Drew McBee
Network Administrator
Tradesmen International
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2 18th April 20:45
marina roos
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Default dhcp issue

WINS server is installed, right? Got options 044 and 046 (0x8) set in
DHCP-server, Scope options?


"Gblx News" <> schreef in bericht



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3 18th April 20:45
pat heuvel
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Default dhcp issue

Gday Marina, I wouldn't think WINS would be involved here, since the
workstations concerned can't yet connect to it (IIRC).


Assuming you are running a 100meg network, ensure the workstations are
configured for 100meg full duplex operation (not auto) and your switch
ports are configured similarly.


Pat Heuvel
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4 24th April 05:40
External User
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Default dhcp issue

isn't that a windows problem? maybe you can run dhcpd with wins/dns .......

# dhcpd.conf
# Change domain-name to your domain name.
option domain-name "";
option domain-name-servers;

raqueeb hassan
bunia, DRC
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