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1 24th January 12:01
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Default fat32 access from msdos 6.22 boot floppy

i've found drdos's fat32 redirector and added drfat32.sys and drfat32.exe to
config.sys and autoexec.bat(without switches) but drfat32.exe complains:
[ Driver not found: 'FAT32***' ]

also note that this is a win2000 virtual machine with only one fat32 drive
1GB(maybe that's the problem) in size.

why am i trying to boot a win2000 machine with a 6.22 floppy? -i'm trying to
restore a win98se ghost image stored on a share, and the related network
software(mswgc) is stored on the floppy intermingled with all the dos boot
files/settings and i don't know if it would even work(mswgcn) with the newer
fat32 capable dos-s

so the only solution i see is to add the fat32 read support to this floppy,
anyone know how?
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