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1 16th June 00:45
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Default XML instead of SQL

I am relativly new to this world. I have read some about xml with php,
but I need some guidance!

I cannot use a database with my Unix account, but i want to be able to
create a dynamic website that will basically display articles. I *think*
that the way to do that is somewhere along this:

I will need something like this:


then with php i would be able to read in the "title" for example and
display it with the date in the index page.

My understanding is that I can do that in XML. and I would like to do
that with PHP.

my question(s) are:

1. how can I create the xml file? I could fill in a form with the
article infrmation and then upload it to some file on the server, but is
there a smart way to insert the xml tags other than doing something like
print ('<title>'+$article_title) to a file on a server?

2. when I have the "article" uploaded, should i have a seperate text
(xml) file for each article, or can i concatanate all in one file?

3. when I do have the xml file created, I am not exaclty sure how i can
get php (using built in function, or PEAR) to read in and parse the xml.
I can see all of those xml functions in php, but I am not sure exactly
what to do!

if you can think of some tutorial or do***entation please direct me.

thank you.
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2 16th June 00:45
ian p. christian
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Default XML instead of SQL

Look into the PHP DOM functions, very useful for this, and will do *exactly* what you need.

Put it all into one file, and use XSL to transform it (check for a quick tutorial on XSL (of which XSLT is a part of)).
XSL in PHP is easy, check for functions.

See point 2

See point 1 and 2!
Good luck, and best wishes,

Ian P. Christian
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3 16th June 00:45
zurab davitiani
External User
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Default XML instead of SQL

You can use DOM extension like Ian suggested, or if you don't have DOM
extension available, or choose not to use it - take a look at ActiveLink
PHP XML Package: OR
OR your favorite source.
This package is not dependent on any PHP XML extensions and comes with full
class do***entation, and an example/tutorial script to get you started.

See the included tutorial script.

It's up to you. You can use XSLT as Ian suggested. I would recommend not
keeping the file that you would parse most of the time (e.g. front page)
too big for performance reasons.

See the included tutorial script.

You are welcome.

Business Web Solutions
ActiveLink, LLC
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