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1 31st March 00:47
heidi graw
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Default Colour-coded Clients (sense year)

Ya, I know. We've become a society of tattle-talers, looky-loos, and
general all around meddlers. Instead of reporting real crimes involving
real violence, we've given grouches and neighbourhood snoops the opportunity
to pester the police with non-sense. Of course the real criminals like this
sort of diverts police attention away from them.

The city of Vancouver doesn't even have a *non-emergency* phone number where
one can call to report minor nuisances like excessive noise, stolen or lost
items, or a vandalized mail-box, etc. The complaint has to be handled using
the 911 service! Unbelievable! Surely it can't cost that much per year to
have a non-emgerecy number listed in the phone book! <sigh>

Take care,
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