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1 9th August 04:00
david matthieu p.p.
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Default THEY ARE HIDING THE BEAST (numbers faith order holy anointing)

In Jerusalem at Pentecost God publicly poured His Holy Spirit upon the Early
Church. As it is reported in the Acts of the Apostles, the multitude came to
see for themselves and inquire about this great Event. Deeply impressed by
the power of God, touched by the words of truth spoken by the Apostle Peter
many people in Jerusalem joined the Church, great numbers of conversions
were reported. Nowadays, contrasting with the openness and forthcoming of
the Apostles about this holy Outpouring of the Spirit of God, there is a
deep malaise in the Pentecostal Community whenever questions are raised
about strange manifestations happening in so called anointed Services. More
and more Charismatic leaders are adopting stringent measures to block
damaging information that could transpire about their new anointing. Worship
Videos are carefully edited in studio prior to their release for public
viewing. Visitors with Cameras are no longer allowed in these sanctuaries in
order to prevent shocking scenes of chaotic manifestations from being
captured on tape. Astutely adding more precautionary measures, trusted
collaborators are specially trained as Control Crews to restrain and quickly
remove devotees falling into wild trances out of visitors' sight. On top of
all these tight and rigorous safety procedures, to further prevent more
information leaks, a campaign of intimidation has been orchestrated by high
level Clerics to deter witnesses from revealing what they have seen or
experienced in these Churches. Christians who have the courage to denounce
this controversial worship, are threatened by angry throngs of fanatics
religiously obeying violent directives received from these Ministers.
Without scruple Pentecostal and Charismatic Pastors openly promote violence
and hatred, this is making many Christians wonder what are they possibly
hiding? Nevertheless to favorably manipulate public opinion, these Ministers
still preach they are solely worshiping God and following Jesus. Let suppose
what they are claiming is true, yet these Church leaders cannot explain why
are they inciting their followers to commit violent acts to hide godly
manifestations? Christians can clearly read in the scriptures: "God is
light, and in him is no darkness at all", whatever is so gross and shameful
they are desperately trying to hide is not of God. Any eyewitnesses will
tell you, these grotesque and shocking manifestations the Pentecostals are
striving so hard to cover up and keep in the dark cannot by any means be
from God. In order to continue in their worship of wild spirits of darkness,
the Pentecostals have rejected all scriptures referring to the Holiness, and
Righteousness of God. To magnify laughing, barking, roaring, howling
spirits, the Pentecostal have deliberately chosen to, establish doctrines of
devils, blaspheme God, betray the Son of God, preach another Jesus, and
persecute discerning Christians. I could continue to explain why Pentecostal
Preachers have publicly expressed their desire to shed innocent blood to
hide their abominations, however I prefer to give my readers the opportunity
to actually see with their own eyes and understand by themselves what these
Charismatic Ministers are hiding. I pasted below links to video files that
will clearly expose what they are painstakingly trying to hide. In the first
link you will see a well know Charismatic Pastor, John Arnott, explain that
the Director of his Ministry Team asked him to keep a lid on the extreme
behaviors. You can also see Mary Audrey the Ministry Team Director herself
say, let's forget about covering up. You will also hear John Arnott say:

"You would think you walked into a mad house or something. Well we have had
one year to acclimatize. If we had started with this at this level we would
not have had the faith to go on. I know as a pastor, I would have shut it
down. ... I was a risk taker, but this is over the edge folks. Fill them up
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2 12th August 23:36
vera six
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- Do not feed the trolls. -
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3 12th August 23:36
david matthieu p.p.
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Default THAT'S THE WAY THEY TROLL (able ghost holy ghost church holy)

Besides trolling the Newsgroups to detect and target discerning Christians,
the Charismatic and Pentecostal posters are by nature anointed Trollers. I
have seen on several occasions Pentecostal and Charismatic believers turned
into real trolling machines in the sanctuaries of iniquity. Running to and
fro, up and down in the anointed isles of the bewitched Churches the holy
Trollers would suddenly stop, lifting their hands and feet in the manner of
drunk Rastamen dancing a wild Raggae song. Among all those cases of anointed
trollers I have seen, the most spetacular one was the wife of a famous
Charismatic preacher who wildly trolled on the podium torso bent and
charging with her head like a bull.

Yes, I have seen this video of Suzanne Hinn the wife of Benny
Hinn, what a disgrace for Christianity! Until I actually
saw the video clip no way I would have believed that Suzanne
Hinn, who is the wife of a so called "Christian" Minister,
could actually utter such nauseating words.

This happened in her husband's home church the Orlando
Christian Center in front of thousands of mystified
followers and the television cameras. Suzanne Hinn,
during this highly anointed service, entirely under
the influence of Benny Hinn's controversial Anointing,
uttered many words of disgrace. Without shame or restraint,
Suzanne Hinn did let the whole anointed beast took over
her soul and body. To the dismay of the audience an
extremely horrible and shocking homily was heard.
Since that ill-famed day, this anointed phrase is forever
memorialized in the annals of infamy of the Apostate Church:

"If your engines aren't revved up, then what you need is
a holy ghost Enema right up your rear end!" -Suzanne Hinn

Click on the link below if you have Windows Media you shall be able to
listen to the audio file:

This incident clearly revealed the scandalous and impious
nature of Benny Hinn's Anointing. The whole incident was so
damaging for Hinn's Ministry that his lawyers wrote a letter
pressuring Comedy Central and charging them to stop
showing the scandalous video. I am now addressing the
followers of Benny Hinn who are actually having an anointed
fit, would you allow me just one question? Since you are
claiming that Benny Hinn's anointing is the Holy Spirit of
God could you please justify why human lawyers were
required for damage control in an desperate attempt
to cover-up what this anointing supposedly from God
has inspired to Suzanne Hinn?

At the end of the video clip Suzanne Hinn is seen wildly
screaming, making weird gestures and uttering an unintellible
credo. Charging back and forth across the podium like a
possessed Bull, she finally did an anointed slide and slowly
stopped on her belly...Comedy Central has now removed the video clip from
their site. I have searched the net, I could not find any other
web sites featuring that clip, may be because of existing
copy rights. On the other hand you can still read the
following articles written by Christians who were shocked
by the litigious behavior of Suzanne Hinn: <
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4 15th August 18:49
upon this rock
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Default THAT'S THE WAY THEY TROLL (devil church david)

Hey I give up...maybe Benny Hinn is of the devil after Holy Ghost
enemas for me!!!!!

Or are you yourself an emulsion of oral dysentery, david?

But we can always go on from here as no one man or ministry compels God and
no one man or ministry has the fullness of God...He (God)is too big for

I love the Pentecostal church...the ones who do not condemn a man for being
divorced, at least....God left a Pentecostal church...the day of Pentecost
and all that happened on that day proves it....
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5 17th August 05:49
vera six
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- Do not feed te trolls -
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