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Saint John Vianney, Saint Martin de Porres, Lazarus, Saint Francis ofAssisi, and Saint Anne on 10-25-72 (wise hell evil faith goal) - Mombu the Religion Forum
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1 4th April 21:07
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Default Saint John Vianney, Saint Martin de Porres, Lazarus, Saint Francis ofAssisi, and Saint Anne on 10-25-72 (wise hell evil faith goal)

Lazarus says,
"This child with whom you are now, is truly an
instrument of God; not a gifted one as man knows gifts
to be, but one in which she walks in total obedience
to The Holy Trinity. Let men mock her, ridicule her.
What difference does this be, what difference will it
be to the Truth that is extended through her from The
Holy Trinity?"

ON OCTOBER 25,1972 AT 11:12 A.M.


"There are so many men who are such good
men, who are afraid to act in a wholesome way. And
I, Saint John Vianney, say, 'Listen to the sins, listen
to the woes, encourage prayer, and be sure, my children,
that when you listen to others, be aware. Perhaps they
do not have the strength you have, perhaps they are not
aware of the goal you know, and perhaps they put more
emphasis on the physical.'

When I walked the earth, I was firm in many
ways. And through this child, I come again to say that
the world must be told, helped, shown, treated, directed,
in the way it was when I walked, for children are
confused, upset, and walk in dilemma. They need
strength to follow, not weakness. They need
encouragement toward the Commandments God gave.
They need to learn humility, for it is truly not of this
day; and they need to be given love, God's Way, not
man's way.

Men are shouting, 'Be sensitive.' They are going
overboard on this, for they are falling into the pits of
hell with sensitive thoughts, sensitive ideas, for it could
be called 'touch and don't tell'. Man's description of
sensitivity is different than The Father's. He says, 'Be
sensitive to My Love', and man misinterprets love. Man
applies it to himself only, where true love is applied
to God, responds to Him first, above all things, and
puts self last.

My children, this child through whom I speak has
truly been chosen by God to stand on firm ground with
Words from Above. Each Word that pours through her
is as a seed, not from a book, but Wisdom from God's
Love. So as you gather, not as fools, but children
created by God, you owe it to Him to listen to Us so
one day you will come Above. Let no man disturb your
Soul with his fine words, great thoughts,
misinterpretations, that he causes you to doubt even
yourself. This is satan's means, satan's way.

For centuries, men have been crying out to God,
'Send me a sign.' It has come from The Divine. No
man suspected a woman to be the instrument in this
way. It fooled satan also, for you see, he expected only
a man to have the strength. And throughout the world,
he fingered many men, and suddenly God came out with
the special Plan that the Saint had been man, but the
instrument now, a woman. Would you not say, my
children, that God fooled the evil one in this Plan?
God is The Creator, the evil one the imitator. God is
The Giver of all Rules; the evil one breaks down the
Rules with misinterpretation. God says, ' I have given
you Commandments.' The evil one says, ' Ignore them,
for you will not enjoy the physical if you practice
them.' God says, ' I have given all mankind My Love
to cover all things. Why do you decline? Why do you
place physical before all things, before the reward I have
promised you? The reward of Mine is greater than being
an earthly king.' So, my children, I, Saint John Vianney,
say, 'Listen and do not delay. Do not be a fool and
disregard the Words you heard today.'

The question is, and I, from the Heavens, tell you
myself, 'How can this child be so aware of you and
self, and yet hear Our Way so clearly?' I will explain
it to you in a manner plainly. She has been taught by
The Father Himself. She has been prepared by the
mighty Michael to listen with the ears of her Soul, to
see with the eyes of her Soul, and to eliminate the
physical during this time. Much preparation, much love,
much service goes into such submission of one's will.
But man does not realize what true submission of will
is. He is too busy walking in the physical, caring what
the physical does each day. So, as this child stands
with you in a physical way, alert to everything around
her, the words come through, they flow from a chalice,
God's Way. Ask yourselves how many lessons you have
learned on this day. Ask yourselves if you feel empty
now, or are you full to the brim with wisdom? If you
are wise, you will say, ' I have heard Truth today. I
have seen submission of will.'

Many men desire to see a sign - the child rise to
the sky and come back again. Would it save your
Soul? Would it give you strength? Would you leave
here feeling a part of a Saint? Or does the solid
foundation of words, seeds, show you that only Heaven
could pour through such Love, in such a manner, in
such Direction to you?

I bless you with God's Love, as I often did the
children who came to me, and I bless you as I touch
your heart and say, 'Open your heart to God's Way.
Forget selfishness. Forget the knowledge you cling to,
man's way. Ask for faith. Ask for hope. Ask to be
obedient. Ask for love, totally God's Way.' So be



"My beloved children, I am Saint Martin de
Porres. I speak to you through this child and say, 'You,
too, be a broom for God each day. Sweep out the
miserable, sweep out the untruth, sweep out what is wrong
and follow God in His Way - the Ten Commandments
every day. Clear the path with a visible broom; let it
be your love for Him, showing to all whom you meet
each day.'

I walked the earth in a very small way. I stand
Here in the Heavens each day, and I, in my little way,
do what God Wills me to do. I help children such as
you. When God says, 'Martin, go forward to a particular
child in a particular way, the child needs help', I do.
The child does not see me in a spiritual way, but I am
on an errand for God and I act a particular way. Children
do not know the value of the Saints Here, where I am.
We, in Our Way, are servants of God in a special way.
When a child is in need, We go forward and help at
God's Will, as God decrees. So, my little ones, do not
omit Our Way, for one day you must come Here and
be a Saint with Us one day.

The physical is a privilege to every man, for through
the physical, you will walk Here, where I am. Man
does not understand the physical purpose. It is, my
children, to follow God's Plan so that one day you will
be a Saint Here, where I am. So many children omit
Our Way from their physical way. This is foolishness
on their part, for they must know when the physical
ends, a Greater Reward waits.

As I bless you, not with my broom but with the
desire to be one, I say, 'Follow God's Will.' Cleanse
yourselves each day and look for purity in all ways, for
purity will bring you This Way and you will not have
to spend time in Purgatory for many days. You see,
Purgatory also is a privilege from God. It is the
preparation point to come Here one day. Man is ignoring
Purgatory. Man says, 'There is no hell.' This is not
so. For, to enter the Kingdom of Heaven, man must
become purified, for you see, all things Here are Purity.
All things Here are God's Way. He is All Beauty, All
Purity, and you must know this today.

I bless you with His Love. I bless you with trust
and I say, 'Walk the purity way.' So be it."


11:36 A.M. LAZARUS

"My children, I have seldom spoken through
the child; in fact, such a small number of times that
my name was rarely given. I am Lazarus.

This child with whom you are now, is truly an
instrument of God; not a gifted one as man knows gifts
to be, but one in which she walks in total obedience
to The Holy Trinity. Let men mock her, ridicule her.
What difference does this be, what difference will it
be to the Truth that is extended through her from The
Holy Trinity?

When I walked the earth, many men doubted many
things. They were miserable in their doubts, much
unhappiness surrounded them, and none of these men
could feel the beauty of reward for the physical. And
now, in the time in which you live, you are rewarded
in a small way. Imagine what it will be when you
stand facing The Holy Trinity? I come from a time,
from an era a long time ago, and yet you have all heard
of me.

I bless you with God's Truth and I say, 'Do not
walk away but stand where you are, listen to me, and
be aware that I do talk to each of thee.' So be it."



"My beloved children, I have often spoke
quickly through this child. I am Saint Francis of Assisi.

There is one amongst you who has great devotion
to me, and yet, in this devotion always desires for his
own will to be done. I say to you now in a short
way, 'Do not ask for your will, but look to God's and
say, "Let me be example for Your Will to everyone".'

I bless you and I say, 'The Wounds I suffered were
for you in your day, as well as those who surrounded
me in my day.' The Wounds were given to me to help
other men better understand that obedience, sacrifice,
penance, were for all men. So be it."



"My beloved children, I am your Heavenly
Grandmother. I know that through this child, it sounds
so natural all the time. How else could you withstand
the Power God sends? I, Saint Anne, say, 'Look to the
Heavenly Way. Look to the manner in which We
walked, as you, in the human way.' We faced Our daily
tasks. We faced Our daily way. We accepted Our lot
in life, sometimes with a little fight, but nonetheless,
We were aware that a Supreme Being created Us and
that We had to go to Him one day, prepared or
unprepared, ready to stand in Judgment.

Man, in his own thinking, says, 'This one is a
Saint; this one is not. This one is a Saint; this one is
not.' I thank man today for saying I am a Saint, for
you see, in this, it has drawn much attention to me, and
this draws children to The Holy Trinity. Oh, my
children, be aware of the Saints Here in Heaven where
I am. Be conscious of what We must do to serve God.
We do not just stand around. What good would a
Grandmother be if she was no longer giving service to
the children?

Oh, I say to you on this day, 'Each of thee I love
much, for you see, The Heavenly Mother you have was
a physical Daughter to me and as We stand Here in the
Heavens, She is my Mother also.' And oftentimes, I
look at Her and say, 'Oh, Blessed Mother, help me serve
God more today.' And when She looks at me in a
special way, She says, 'Mother, daughter, I love you.
It is difficult to refuse you anything.' And it is Our
relationship Here in the Heavens. So I say, 'Pray, my
children, to my Daughter, to my Mother, for all prayers
sent to me I immediately present to Her, for you see,
as We stand Here in the Heavens, sharing this Great
Love, Divine Way, We shared a human love like yours
in your day.' So be it."

Saint Joseph's Hill Of Hope
Brea, California 92822 U.S.A.
All Revelations are delivered spontaneously
and continuously as witnessed by all those
present at the time.
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