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1 24th February 01:14
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Default Ley Lines in Colorado

Does anyone know of where ley lines are in Colorado, especially along
the Front Range? I've been told that Garden of the Gods is an
interesection point of several ley lines, but I've not found any
sources for that other than hearsay. And GooG is so touristy....
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2 24th February 01:15
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Default Ley Lines in Colorado (way don)

Are you asking about the geo-magnetic lines? these were important not
just to druids, but all "primitive people. If you need to find them,
usually animal trails follow them, and will lead to a cemtral point.
There are some good websites showing where these lines are broken down
by state, but they are the main ones. The way to follow the small ones
is to follow animal trails with a maganet and compass, and see when
they don't agree with the way they are supposed to show.
"to be one, ask one"
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